Bad Dudes (NES) – Battle Geek Plus

The BGP crew plays through Bad Dudes on the NES. Are they Bad enough Dudes (and a dudette!) to save the president?!

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  1. lol, looks like you guys weren’t bad enough dudes after all if you can’t beat the first level. I at least got up to the 3rd back in the day! 😛

    I remember loving the “bad enough dude to save the president” line when this game was new far before it ever became a meme. Sadly nobody I knew played this game and I was considered an outcast because I kept quoting being a bad enough to dude to save the president from ninjas to the point where the other kids said I was lame. 🙁

    If only they knew their mistake… If only they knew.

  2. I played this with my brothers and we always had a hilarious time! Good memories! By the way, Heather, I love your ThunderCats tattoo!

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