Bad Fanfiction Theatre: Ice & Snow Part 2

In today’s Bad Fanfiction Theatre, more crying and more swearing as Jack and Elsa encounter more drama thanks to the evil Hiccup!

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I'm MasakoX, part of TeamfourStar's Dragonball Z Abridged team. When I'm not fighting bad guys or eating muffins, I produce content for Channel Awesome! This ranges from my long-lasting anime reviews to reading bad fan fiction to even messing around with Google Translate for kicks. Either way, it is my pleasure to present my oddments to you in glorious awesomeness!


  1. Wait aren’t there like five more chapters of this story? What’s with this being done then when there’s clearly a lot more left? You can’t just let it go… I’m sorry but I just had to make the joke but my point still stands!

  2. Sage used to have a show where he read fanfics, but stopped & said he’d never do it again, no matter how much we begged him, so this will fill the gap.

    Could you post a link to part 1? I don’t feel right jumping in half way, & this new site is a pain in the ass because it doesn’t group posters videos by series. I tried looking through your archives & using the Search, but I got way too many results.

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