Bad Movie Beatdown: 2012 (Part Two)

Its the end of the world as we know it and I feel dumb. Bad movie beatdown takes on 2012.

//Taboola Area

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"Bad Movie Beatdown" takes a look at the very worst that Hollywood has to offer with commentary and analysis. "Projector" is reviews of current UK releases that have yet to open in the US. There may also be some commentaries and other material.

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2 Comments on "Bad Movie Beatdown: 2012 (Part Two)"

I have to admit, I love this movie for its hilarious stupidity. I was watching it with my family on TV, and I couldn’t stop laughing, even in the “saddest” moments and even when my sister told me I should stop making fun of it. But at the same time all the hypocrits and racist stereotypes made me feel sick. Especially the russian family consists of one unsympathic rich guy, the token girlfriend and two nasty children. Also, the whole movie is spend with complaning about the EEEVIIIL rich people who won’t let the poor on their ships, despite all… Read more »

well hey maybe he was talking about some of the workers among them.