Bad Movie Beatdown: A Good Day to Die Hard

He’s promised it for a long time, and its finally here! Self-confessed Die Hard fan Film Brain takes a long look at the fifth film in the series, and not even Bruce Willis can be bothered any more.

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  1. From what I’ve seen this film makes McClane look like a stupid old man

  2. HermioneHotpants

    Finally another Bad Movie Beatdown! It was great as always!

  3. Been missing Bad Movie Beatdown. Always liked your analyses on movies with out yelling and screaming (not that I mind that too just like seeing someone calm about it once in awhile). Hope to see more of these soon Matt

  4. Tyler M. Mannix

    It’s been too long!

  5. This movie sucked so bad. I had forgotten how mind numbing that overlong chase scene at the beginning was. I liked Live Free of Die Hard despite some really stupid film making decisions and the transformation of John McClane into Captain America (I guess this movie turned him into the Winter Soldier), but A Good Day to Die Hard was a bad day for the franchise.

  6. Let the beatdowns commence.

  7. The only way for Die Hard 6 to redeem the franchise: McClane vs Mexican Drug Cartel.

  8. Good to have you back, been a long time.

  9. Man, you must really hate the NC, he tends to review movies decades old!

  10. The only shithead around here is you BakeMyster. Please stop being a wart on humanity’s behind and make yourself useful someplace.

  11. Yay, Film Brain is back!

  12. Great view. This movie looks like a steaming pile.

  13. Yeah! Bitdown this bad movie British boy.
    I hate those dark and Blue films, they look so fake, is hard to have suspension of disbelief wen even the light and colors dont resemble nothing in the reality.
    Do Black and white if dont like colors.
    And the shake cam dont help at all.

  14. I’ve been waiting for this one.

    Good job.

  15. TheEmeraldDragon

    Yay! BMBD is back!

  16. Did you do a lot of screaming? Your voice and presence seems so mellow and detached in this one like one of the older videos when you were younger.

    • Yeah, I noticed that too. He doesn’t have the anger and spirit he normally does. You okay, Film Brain?

      • It was a deliberate decision on my part. My voice can crack and pop easily, and I didn’t want to agitate that by wearing my throat out. There’s also the fact that I think I’ve become too shouty over the last 2 series, and be working it back into a more composed register (from New Year’s Eve onwards). I’ve been testing this out in the recent Projector videos, which I often use as a proving ground, and I’ve not had many complaints about it. Plus if I was shouty for 45 minutes, it would grow quite tiresome.

        • Well I’ve never been one of those to rip on your voice like people have in the past but this goes a little to extreme in the opposite direction. After all, you are tearing apart a bad movie; it’s okay to get a little worked up. If nothing else, at least speak up louder.

        • I was kind of disappointed that you sounded as level-headed as you do during Projector. Really, one of the reasons you’re my favorite reviewer is that spirit. I don’t know if it’s just fantastic acting, but when you get all worked up, I feel like it’s not a character but real unexaggerated eye-twitching, foot-stomping passion of a film geek who holds nothing back when he just saw a something that insulted his senses.
          But that’s just me talking. I didn’t know it tired you out. If that’s true, then I guess getting used to this new style isn’t a high price to pay.

  17. YAY! Bad Movie Beatdown Returns! Very nice review, very well thought out. And sadly, a really sucky movie.

  18. wait… how does a pool left for, what, 25 years? still have enough water for someone to land in? …also BUCK SAID FUCK!!

  19. Wow, I haven’t seen this many comments under one video (that isn’t NC’s or Linkara’s) for a long time!!!

  20. I saw this movie the other day on tv funny enough but I didn’t entirely pay attention and mostly tuned it out… Now I wish I was paying attention enough to notice some of the bullshit you pointed out.

    Really the only things I noticed was the Russian (which wasn’t bad at all even from the non-Russian actors) and pointing out places in Moscow I’ve been as they drove by them destroying things. (I got pretty excited actually when I noticed this one super large mall I had gone to a few times)

    But man why did I not even realize the whole “they drive to Chernobyl” Bullshit. That was probably because I was pissed at them even involving Chernobyl in the first place as I am REALLY tired of seeing it used in stupid ways but there are some other stuff you didn’t point out.

    Besides the very long drive, there’s also the fact that besides that Pripyet and Chernobyl are in Ukraine so they would have needed proper documentation to cross the border, and the fact that Chernobyl and Pripyet are HEAVILY guarded to keep people out of the radiated zone. The fact that not only they were able to just drive there from Moscow but even get into the place is complete bullshit.

    And man I wished I paid attention to the whole “Let’s spray the area and it’s clear of radiation” bullshit because wow… just wow…

  21. I hate when people take stuff too seriously and refuse to take sequels to popular works “as canon”, but in this case I can gladly join in and ignore this movie’s existence. I was always a huge fan of the original Die Hard, and while I never cared that much for the sequels, I could at least acknowledge them. This garbage is pure franchise-bait and as such downright offensive. Screw you Willis for doing this.

  22. I’ve been waiting for this review, since Brad brought up the idea of this review in his review of the film. I think that came out wrong. Oh well….

  23. This is probably the worst Bruce Willis movie i have seen so far! Yes, even worse then those scenes in the Expendables movies and also worse then Cop Out!

  24. Hey, you’re still doing Bad Movie Beatdown! Excellent, and a nice way to start a new “season.” I look forward to more BMB, especially if they’re as entertaining as this one. Major thanks for not doing Adam Sandler rom coms 🙂

  25. Victoria Heckman

    What timing.
    A few weeks ago I was re-watching the original “Die Hard”, and even though I am not a connoisseur of action flicks, I can safely say it’s a damn good movie.
    (Not to mention Alan Rickman falling from the building is one of my favorite movie deaths of all time, next to the chest-burster scene from “Alien”.)

    This movie, however, looks like a total snooze-fest.

    Whenever I see the overused blue filter in movies, half the time I’m tempted to start singing “Am I Blue”.

    Also I lived in Moscow for a couple years when I was a kid, and if I recall correctly the traffic was about as bad as the movie describes it. (Not kidding, bumper-to-bumper traffic just getting home from school.) Though, knowing Hollywood, the odds are rather slim that someone on staff would have known that by personal experience.
    Also I remember Moscow having a really good subway system, so cars wouldn’t have been the only option for travel and the daughter could have tried to lie about that.

  26. This is epic in length….maybe…it should have been split up into two or three parts. It’s just too painful to watch in one sitting. Like watching your own father bleed out. While they won’t let you look away.

    I rented this movie. I didn’t finish it. I cried a bit. Then, after an appropriate period of mourning, I watched the first two again. It’s still not the same as before. But you gotta remember the good times, right?

  27. WHOOO, we are back!

    I kinda liked Die Hard 4, as a stupid action film. And it had French Spider Man and Cop Lady who were awesome villains.

    The idea of a cranky McClain taking a vacation, bumping into and bungling a spec ops mission and being forced to save the secret agent is actually a great Die Hard plot. The contrast between a by the books super spy and free form McClain who knows the spy is better but has to help him anyway has potential. And they wasted it all.

    Was someone taking a nap during the recoding sessions because it it seems like Film Brain is deliberately keeping his voice down the whole time. Its wasn’t super bad but it was noticeable.

  28. Sure they didn’t want to show the city during car chase, since that’s not a Russian city, that’s Budapest, Hungary. 😀

  29. Oh, I loved that movie.
    It’s too fun watching it, it’s so bad and out of context that I like it.

    And… is this really the seventh season? I won’t call the last one a full season…

  30. Die Hard 6 will be Jack and John fighting terrorists in the cancer ward of the hospital they’re both in.

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