Bad Movie Beatdown: Bride Wars

This movie just takes the cake!

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  1. Nate (Liv’s brother) should’ve had a bigger role in this movie, where he would struggle with himself over whether to help his sister or his crush, until he finally makes his decision.

    Fun Fact: This film was originally going to be a teen comedy with Emma Roberts as Liv and Nikki Reed as Emma.

  2. As much as this movie sucks, Emma’s reason for not wanting a double wedding would ring true for a lot of women. It’s built into a girl’s brain from birth that their wedding day is supposed to be about them. That it’s the one day in their lives where literally everything will be about them and ONLY them. Selfish? Yes, but that’s how it’s drilled in. It’s one of the main selling points for weddings when it comes to girls: a day where you don’t have to share for once and you are showered with praise and adulation. So it kind of is a plausible reason for why Liv and Emma don’t want a double wedding…that being said I still don’t understand why one couldn’t have gotten married in the morning and the other married sometime later that day and then they both could have had a joint reception. That way, they both get their moment to shine and still have a chance to celebrate together. What a crock of shit.

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