Bad Movie Beatdown: New Year’s Eve

In a holiday special, Film Brain takes on a film with eight different stories and a cast packed full of stars, all joined together by love on the titular day, that’s the cinematic equivalent of a tacky greetings card.

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"Bad Movie Beatdown" takes a look at the very worst that Hollywood has to offer with commentary and analysis. "Projector" is reviews of current UK releases that have yet to open in the US. There may also be some commentaries and other material.


  1. The first and hopefully not the last Bad Movie Beatdown of the year

  2. I’m just happy that I spent New Year’s Eve with a GOOD movie, like Godzilla (’14).

  3. The birth race subplot legitimately disturbs me.

  4. The scene of Ashton changing the “H” in Happy to “C-R” actually did get a giggle out of me.

  5. Christmas is twelve days, so technically, it is still Christmas

  6. Gary Marshall specializes in fluff, and these ensemble pieces are him at his most saccharine.

  7. On the adverts part, the Nivea hats got a lot of flack in Roger Ebert’s review. On top of hating the movie, he hated the damn hats and didn’t understand why they were there so much.

    Weirdly enough, I remember the advertisements showed the scene where Abigail Breslin lifts her shirt and Sarah Jessica Parker freaks out and pulls it back down. Like…I don’t know if they thought it was so super hilarious it needed to go in the advertisement, or what, but it was so disturbing. Bad enough to see it in the movie, they had tho show it on the tv spots too.

  8. New BMB, yay!

    (Not a big fan of Projector, so I’m happy)

  9. To me, this movie is mainly notable in that it includes Seth Meyers.

    What can I say? I like him.

  10. ThatKidInTheWheelchair

    You know, if you ask me, this movie isn’t all the bad if you take out the birth race subplot. I’m know I’m in the majority, even though I’m not saying this is one of my all time favorites or anything, but I didn’t think it was horrible.

  11. Funny, I actually did get nauseated while watching this movie. Also, I hate watching movies with newborns because those babies are not newborn at all.

    • To be fair, filming just once scene can take quite a long time, and newborns need to be monitored, which is why movies use slightly older babies when births happen.

  12. Wouldn’t a c-section operation eat up most of that money anyway?

    That scene is the part were I turn this off. Not just kuz I find this subplot just horrible but if this is the sort of thing this movie does I doubt I’ll get any enjoyment from watching you bash the rest of it.

  13. Cary Elwes as a doctor? I knew the Saw reference was coming, but your angle definitely gave me a good laugh.

  14. Congratulations, you’re the first troll of the New Year. I’m sure making yourself look like a moron on the internet and not having the brains to realize it will make you very happy.

  15. You bought it on blu-ray? Why waste the £4? (Considering you got it in HMV) lol

  16. Happy New Year, Mathew! Thanks for tearing apart this fad of ten-a-penny “Love Actually” rip-offs. This one is particularly bad. That pregnancy storyline…wow.

  17. I remember when I went and saw this in theaters someone let out a huge fart right after that “Have A Little Faith In Me” song.

  18. Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t seem fitting for ANYONE. Seriously, I say neigh. Plus, she is a shitty mother. It’s not old NY, it’s far safer.

  19. Hey! Bad Movie Beatdown still exists! Excellent! Good review as always, and I hope for many more in the coming year 🙂

  20. ahh bad movie beat down is back finally!

  21. It sucks to see Robert De Niro in bad films these days. He’s my favorite actor.

  22. Oh God, Russell Peters was in this? And having to fake your typical Indian accent? Argh. Stay classy Hollywood =.=.

  23. CheesecakeSeptember

    The “Woman is [Insert Bad Trait Here] because she doesn’t have a man in her life” trope needs to die in a fire. It is a terribly written, overused, infuriating, detestable idea that shouldn’t be used in 2014. Every time I hear that it’s like nails on a chalkboard. That’s right up there with the ‘Girl needs to become super hot to get the guy’ trope. It’s not amusing, it’s bad extremely bad writing.

  24. I don’t know what “ARI Masked Ball” is all about but sending the lady to Bali & a world tour can’t be worth the exchange rate.

  25. Your comment seems drastically out of place considering this website. I haven’t seen anyone on this site who doesn’t show their face during the video. This is typical when any of them has something to say that’s longer than the scene they’re talking about. The alternative choices are to slow down the shot or to repeat it until they’re done talking. The latter two become more distracting than anything.

    The fact that you are this upset over something this small just makes me think no one hugged you last year; or ever. Is that it? Do you need a hug? Well, you can go hug yourself. Happy New Year, you attention starved internet troll.

  26. Just to add about how they limit Sofia Vergara to just the her stereotypical persona, Russell Peters seemed to be doing his exaggerated Indian bit he does during stand up. I can just imagine several takes where he was more plain and relatable, and they asked him to exaggerate it more… Granted that’s speculative, but still.

    Oddly enough, this movie reminds me of Movie 43 in that it subjects a large cast of celebrities to do truly embarrassing material. In one case, it’s extreme crass, and in the other extreme smarmy, manipulative garbage.

  27. I think, at the very end (around the 36:00 minute mark), you inadvertently compared this to Movie 43

  28. It just figures that nobody’s able to do this kind of movie (intersecting stories a la Pulp Fiction or many Altman movies, or the Ju-On movies) anymore, though I wasn’t really all that surprised when Lea Michele’s character started singing.

    At the time, Glee was HUGE, and of course Lea Michele has quite the pipes on her, so they were inevitably going to have her sing; but the way they explained her on stage was ridiculous.

    In the scene where she’s binge-eating in the fetish grey dress, Katherine Heigl seems to try and mimic Jennifer Morrison’s looks.

    And how ironic that Sarah Paulson plays a pregnant woman here before starring in the first two seasons of American Horror Story, in one of which she gives birth to a serial killer XD

    Also… what was the point of Sofia Vergara’s character? Anyone? Bueller?

    I think I know how De Niro’s character died; Hillary Swank decided she WAS going to drop something at midnight, and since her dad was already dying…

    The SJP/Josh Duhamel pairing was trying to replicate the Bradley Cooper/Eric Dane surprise from Valentine’s Day, I guess, and it was, at least to me, the only thing that rang the teensiest bit sweet afetr the all-out glurge we had to wade through before.

  29. Oh god, I’m sorry you had to sit through this cringefest. It was almost too much for me, just watching the review!

  30. Wooo BMB! This cloying, cynical bilge deserved a kicking.

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