Bad Movie Beatdown: This Means War

Who knew stalking and invasion of privacy could be so romantic? Film Brain goes deep undercover to review the action-rom-com that will probably make you go a bit paranoid

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  1. Fun bit of trivia: this movie was filmed in Vancouver, BC (like a weird amount of Bad Movie Beatdown movies) and it’s blatantly obvious with the landmarks they use to film in. The video store Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon meet in used to be a huge HMV, which in turn used to be one of the few Virgin Megastores in Canada. Nowadays it’s a gigantic Victoria’s Secret. This scene would be much more fun if that’s where it was set.

    • And the raceway where Tom Hardy takes Reese Witherspoon is the Mission Raceway Park. This means Tom Hardy was at one point in time in my tiny home town, and I feel like I have to nerd out about that.

  2. Tom Hardy is so much better than this crap.

  3. If hollywood wasn’t so terrified of bisexuality, clearly a threesome would’ve solved the “dilemna” of who to choose. That would’ve made a much better movie.

  4. And nobody is going to point out you mislabelled this as BMB instead of Projector for some reason?

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