Bad Things: MGK ft. Camila Cabello – Rap Critic

So, let’s answer the question: is sampling a nostalgic hit like Fastball’s “Out of My Head” a… bad thing? (Sorry)

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  1. I’ve never heard of Fastball or even their “Out of My Head” song before so that would change how I feel about this a bit. Still, this song isn’t catchy or relatable enough for me to like it.

  2. I think the word for this kind of lazy sampling is “musical appropriation” or just hack.

    I agree, It’s not a clever or skilled use of the original song here.

  3. The only thing this song does is make me want to find my old Now 1 or 2 CDs and listen to the original song.

  4. For me, if an artist samples a song they have to either subvert, invert, or add to the source material’s theme. Otherwise, I see it as nostalgic pandering to those of us who had All the Pain Money Could Buy on cassette.

  5. Dude, what they are doing here is NOT sampling. Sampling means lifting parts straight off an old record by means of technology, usually a sampler. What happens here instead is that a singer is performing (parts of) an older song.

    I have no clue why sampling is suddenly applied to doing cover versions. That’s not what it means, and you as a hip-hop producer should actually know that

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