Balloon Fight (NES) – Battle Geek Plus

The BGP crew plays through Balloon Fight. Will they be able to stop all the birds or end up popping each other’s balloons?

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  1. Great tribute to Iwata at the beginning. Now I KNOW you guys will be doing Kirby’s Adventure later this month. I called it first!

    I always liked this game, but could never get far in it. It is hella fun to play with a friend and it looks like you guys had a great time playing together.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Awesome video but do have to agree that this game is the original angry birds even before rovio ripped them off. Still it was awesome to see you guys fail though I have nothing against you guys maybe you could do a metal gear solid game,just maybe!!!!

  3. A lot of people dismiss Balloon fight because it features balloons and colorful characters, but it’s actually a superior version of early 80s arcade classic Joust with really good controls and mechanics for it’s day.

    the BGP team actually did pretty good, considering this was meant to be a quarter eating co-op arcade game.

    Anyways, great video, I laughed at some of your dad jokes.

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