Bargain Boy: Sneak King

Sneak King Is. Is Sneak King. Sneak King Is. Is Sneak King.

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  1. Sneak King is awesome. It was the first game I ever earned all of the achievements on.

    I regret nothing!

    • I haven’t. I feel so ashamed. =(

      • I couldn’t stand the game for more than 10 minutes to even get any of the achievements.

        • The joke just didn’t get old for me. In fact, pursuing all of the achievements became yet another joke to me, which also didn’t get old.

          I found the whole enterprise to be highly amusing.

          Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that this dude’s video is quite correct, and pretty darn funny. Objectively speaking, this game sucks.

          …But for three dollars at Burger King? To me, that’s really funny. I’ll cut it a WHOLE LOT of slack.

  2. The King is fed. Long live the King.

  3. Loved how you took a more creepy approach to this game to make yours different than Yomarz’s review. Can’t wait for the next part!

    Like I said in my comment above, I couldn’t stand playing this game for over 10 minutes and wondered WTF was the point of this game at all when you don’t need to sneak around since most people would LOVE free burgers 😛

  4. If you want this game, I see it every time I look in the Walmart used game bin amongst the other Burger King games.

  5. Didn’t Yomarz do a Review on these recently? I dont really care about “reviewer dibs” but it seems weird to have two reviews on same subject in so short a time.

  6. I actually really enjoyed this game. It was cheep, it’s short, and a good deal of fun. I just wish you could ay a few bucks more and get all four or five of the BK games on one disc. They’re all short little games and worth the two bucks I paid for them.

  7. Richard Ramirez is working for Channel Awesome?

    Well that’s…. dark.

  8. Does this count as a Creepypasta?

  9. Moviemantweeter1999

    That was freggin intense that was the best review I’ve seen from you so far and the creepiest. Also love the stuffed stitch animal you were talking too that was cute. I can’t wait to see what you suffer thorugh next time but let’s hope you get something to eat.

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