Batman 1966 Review Commentary – Blockbuster Buster

By popular demand ERod delivers a commentary on his most successful video to date.

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  1. This was the first video i saw you in
    I remeber i saw it in the latest video section,and was like kewl linkara ina crossover,I didnt see taht at his channel
    And after this video i slowly started watching you

  2. Your first crossover was the Blockbuster Buster episode I was most excited to see

  3. Another commentary on a video that was before my time. Aw man. I wish I hadn’t missed this one.

  4. Damn, you’re lucky man! I’m gonan need alot of money and tiem to do videos liek you guys. But Florida is not letting me have a any job I apply for. ;(

  5. Ofc Lewis is nice. He’s from Minnesota don’t che know lol.

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