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What killed the dinosaurs? Ice puns.

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  1. Awww, someone made Doug a pillow version of the bat credit card?

    That must have been the best Arts and Crafts class ever!

  2. Ohmigosh that opening bit with the critic was great.

  3. A comic based on a movie based on a comic. Haven’t they learned from Streetfighter?

  4. To tell everyone the truth, I’ve actually owned a copy of this comic ever since the movie came out, because I was an 11 year old Batman fan boy who didn‘t know any better. But after I started to watch this show in early 2010, I decided to give it the Superman: At Earth’s End treatment.

    The entire Dark Knight Trilogy was a godsend after this travesty of a Batman movie. Go ahead and say what you can about Batman v Superman, but I still freaking love that movie, highly recommend the Ultimate Edition, and Ben Afleck makes a fantastic Batman; and I don’t mind that much about the lines taken directly from The Dark Knight Returns novel, and they already used “You’re in for a show tonight” in The Dark Knight Rises.

    10:33- To be fair, Michael Bay’s Transformers movies each made lost more money that this movie.

    12:05- At least John Glover when on to plan Lionel Luthor in the Smallville TV series.

    It’s a good thing that the Gotham TV series later did Mr. Freeze justice.

    I agree that of all the flaws this movie has, the subplot of Alfred and him dying is not one of them.

    28:54- In speaking of the Batman & Robin toyline, the only thing I have left from it is the Batgirl action figure. And yes, according to the “making of” documentary on the special edition DVD, this WAS done for Kenner to sell more toys.

    God, I’m so happy I destroyed my copy of the comic while I had the chance. The same won’t be said about my DVD copy of the movie, because I’m a movie collecting idiot of a dork.

  5. Since you brought up Christopher Nolan’s Batman, I should come out and say, as much as I enjoyed his rendition of the Batman mythos I felt he was pretty excessive with his extensive use for realism (Or hyper realism if you will) which may have done a… slight disservice to the DC community (Hence Mos and BvS.)

    If there’s anything that you taught me, it’s that while superheroes can be taken seriously, and there should be at least some elements of realism to translate it from a comic to live-action, in the end these are still fictional characters with amazing powers and abilities who fight talking gorillas, psycho clowns, alien invaders, and literal gods of mischief.

    So while I understand why so many people friggin hate this movie (Yes, myself included) it’s okay for superheroes to be a little silly from time to time. 🙂

  6. Passable? The artwork looks pretty damn good!

  7. You know Linkara gots da cred when he tells DOUG to go sit in the corner!

  8. Wow, I never thought about the Bat Credit Card that way…

  9. Nostalgiaoholic87652

    Okay that opening bit with Doug was hilarious. Now there just needs to be a comic about Nickelodeon’s Doug, then the real fun would begin. HEHEHE!

  10. Oddly enough, there ARE perfumes that are supposed to make you horny. Also, I’m so excited for next week. Welcome back you Children of the Corn.

    • Horney, I can get. Helping people get off is actually a pretty big businesses even if we don’t really acknowledge it that much. What I don’t get is perfumes designed to make people angry or afraid…. Because, you know, what could possible be more attractive than scent-of insecurity and anger issues?

  11. So Mr. Freeze got to keep the diamonds after he was arrested? They weren’t confiscated, used as evidence in his trial… or returned to places he stole them from?

    If they were the diamonds utilized in his suit that would be feasible but at the end of the comic he doesn’t have his suit like in the movie.

  12. I really do like this movie.

  13. Yes! The credit card joke is dead victory is mine! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  14. The Guy who played Bane in Batman & Robin died as a result of playing that role. He died of heart failure as a result of getting pumped up to play Bane

  15. RE: 15:16 – Mr. Freeze’s brain MAY have frostbite, and it’s almost impossible to NOT make fun of Schwarzenegger’s accent…

    But linguistically, ‘Gotham’ as a name has origins in old Anglo-Saxon English (~1600s). It pretty much does literally translate to “Goat-Town” (gāt = goat, and hām = home).

    [Insert “The more you know” picture here]

  16. Finally someone said a word for a bat-credit card!

    You’re my hero.

  17. “Snow money snow problems” needs to be a thing.

  18. You actually point out that Batman commits numerous “white collar” crimes to pursue his mission. He’s a massive embezzler. Being Chairman and/or CEO of a publicly traded company does not give you the right to take whatever you want for personal use.

    Guess it’s hard to get too worked up over a bad comic adaptation of a bad movie. There’s only so much you can do with that plot and dialog. None of the truly objectional stuff was the fault of the comic creators.

    As to the Batman voice thing, I think I’d rather have no attempt to disguise than Bale’s 3 pack a day rasp. Keaton went for a kind of whisper, which at least wasn’t annoyingly fake. I actually liked Affleck going for the voice modulator better than anything any of the other movies did. I always wondered if they could get a good voice actor to train the film actor to change registers the way Kevin Conroy does and have both sound natural. Maybe there’s too much going on during a live action filming. We’ve seen how a lot of good actors have trouble maintaining an accent.

    • Ummm, you know some of the money made by Wayne Enterprises would eventually become his right since he owns the company? The part of the profit that’s legally his can be used for whatever he wishes to use it for. Ergo, no crime has been committed.

  19. What killed the dinosaurs? The same thing that happens to everything else.

    You’re welcome, internet.

  20. 8:33 In the novelization, He tried to get Batman to call him Nightwing since he had a new costume.
    11:27 Speaking of which, in the movie, Batman & Robin grab all their weapons and gear and leave the Batcave before being informed what the threat was. Seriously, how did they know what to bring with them?
    12:02 John Glover actually confirmed he took this role when he learned Uma would give him a long kiss.
    15:29 Lewis can probably tell you that in the comics Alfred really does have a niece named Julia. She was a staple during the late 70’s and amazingly returned in the new 52.
    16:51 Once again, the novel has Batman and Robin in disguise as security guards at the gala.
    17:08 And we also don’t get to see Senator Patrick Leahy.
    He is a real Congressman who is a huge Batman fan. He has appeared in Batman Forever, Batman and Robin (as one of the old men bidding), The Dark Knight (he’s the guy who “stands up” to the Joker at the party, only to have Joker (well, his goons) beat him up), and now BvS (He’s really actually a Senator this time. He’s in the Washington scene where everyone dies except for Supes).
    28:34 Hey, nice jacket, Linksano. Who made that for ya?
    28:47 There really was a big battle sequence planned for the movie, but it was scrapped, so we were spared the “Sink or Drive” joke (at least from the movie).
    Well, that’s it for me, folks.

  21. They’re supposed to be plant buds?
    I always thought she got her head caught in Madonna’s bra.

  22. The Bat Credit Card is stupid. Its the papertrail. Yes Batman needs money, but it makes sense, when he pays cash or buys parts! of his equipment over shell companies. But in the movie he pays in the open!

    You can just follow the cashflow. Card-shellcompanies.trustfounds or whatever-Wayne Enterprise.
    Shell Companies tend to work, because the countries, in which they are seated don’t cooperate. But in the DC Universe with supervillians I’m sure someone will be able to follow the money to the source.

  23. Oookay, Barbara’s I’ve got you means that she got him near her, love and stuff.

  24. Wait… Aunt Harriet is an actual Batman character?

  25. “What is so ridiculous about a bat credit card ?”… Well, this line that follows the cash register sound: “Never leave the cave without it.” But kudos to Mr. Walker for playing the butt of the joke, I think the “Critic, go in the corner” made it great.

    And good job for the imitation of Schwarzenneger’s Mr. Freeze and Truman’s Poison Ivy, and especially Woodrue. I haven’t noticed how funny those lines were before.

  26. I suppose it depends on how you measure it, but the world record of being in complete cardiac arrest in freezing water, and still surviving and effectively recovering, is approximately 40 minutes (by Anna Bågenholm).

    For some reason hypotermia prolongs the time that the brain can be without oxygen, without it starting to die.

  27. 4:56 Emh… a Credit Card leaves too much traces?
    For someone with a secret identity, it’s not a good idea…

  28. Suddenly, I’m wondering… Are any of the ”others” even paying rent ?
    90′ guy, ”love voice” guy, Moerte, etc…

  29. @5:35 Of course a more realistic problem for a vigilante crime fighter would be the highly traceable nature of using a credit card. Of course it could actually be an RFID card linked to a milspec encrypted dark net money transfer network and “credit card” is just a term of convenience….

  30. Batman and Robin the movie is by no definition a good film, but personally I always consider it more as a Batman parody film rather than a legit Batman film. And in that sense, I find the campy dialogue, bad acting, and horrible props to be extremely entertaining. And I love Arnie Freeze, you can just tell he’s having the best time of his life in that film.

    Nolen’s film are definitely much superior to this movie, but Nolen’s film are good film I only want to watch once in my life because of how self-serious and grim they are. Where as I want to watch Batman and Robin over and over again, laugh at it and just have a good time.

    If anything, the current dark age of comic, as well as DCCU’s tone made my appreciate Batman and Robin as a bad film more and more.

    And I know I’ll get a lots of hate for saying this, but I prefer George Clooney’s version of Batman where he’s more mellowed out, and less ‘I can do anything myself even if I have no superpower (Thanks, Miller!)’ much more than BatJesus he’s more and more become now. Seriously, I really like in the film it’s Batman who asks Robin to go back being his partner, and not the other way around. It actually made him come off as a human being rather than a wank doll for us non-super powered reader to stroke our ego on.

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