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We take a look back at the start of a franchise that changed the way we looked at comic book film adaptations.

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MarzGurl, a.k.a. Kaylyn Saucedo, is an Internet animation and gaming personality, known primarily for her work on Channel Awesome (home of other famed internet personalities such as The Nostalgia Critic and Linkara) and Screenwave Media (YouTube multi-channel network that hosts James Rolfe a.k.a. The Angry Video Game Nerd, Brentalfloss, and Team Four Star). She is also a former Crunchyroll news writer. She rose to fame for her in-depth, introspective, and satirical review videos for subjects such as dollar bin straight-to-video animation to the works of legendary animators such as Ralph Bakshi and Don Bluth, the former of who recognized and commended her work on his Twitter. She also runs her own thriving Twitch channel where she and her partner JoshKnightThe1st, a.k.a. Joshua Saucedo, produce the weekly nerd culture podcast Beyond The Black Rims. In 2015, she released her first feature length film “Farewell, FamiKamen Rider” which she co-produced, co-wrote, and co-directed with JoshKnightTheFirst. The film is a conclusion to the FamiKamen Rider web-series produced by late Internet personality Justin Carmical, a.k.a. JewWario, to whom the film is dedicated.

In recent years, MarzGurl has expanded her activities beyond the Internet realm to include live appearances at conventions. She has hosted panels at Anime Expo, MAGFest, Oni-Con, and many others. Her panels cover a wide variety of topics from animation, to Japanese culture, to her own work and the work of Channel Awesome. She has also become known for her widely popular Nerf Wars, where attendees compete in a variety of Nerf games in an environment designated by the event.

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Chicken Puppet

Good review and overview. Batman Begins is arguably the best of this trilogy. I think the hype and success of the second film led them to try and top everything in the third and they went too far.

I never really got fully behind Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, although I like him in other films and he is a good actor overall.

I didn’t get the hype surrounding Batman Begins initially. Oddly enough it wasn’t until the whole trilogy was out for a couple years and I decided to watch each installment closely that I realized Batman Begins was the superior film….and not by a small margin. It far surpasses the much higher praised Dark Knight. My initial gripes with Begins came from the portrayal and use of the Scarecrow. However, looking back, this is the best told character piece and an over the top scarecrow was definitely NOT needed. Meanwhile the Dark Knight is elevated by an astounding single performance all… Read more »