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DC-Cember continues with a look at the Future of The Dark Knight.

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  1. I prefer Batman Beyond to the normal Batman show. The character is much better, he actually emotes and develops and has an arc etc. which Wayne never did from what I’ve seen of Batman TAS

    • why should Max become the girlfriend? Because she’s female? The “chemistry” you mentioned seems more like a close friendship. I’m glad she wasn’t relegated to the sub role of GF

      • Agreed. To be honest if I were to ship Max with someone I would do Zeta. Although she’s only in one cross over they worked well off of each-other.

        • I bet Zeta Project would’ve been a lot better if it had started with Max running off with Zeta. BB had already established that her family’s not around ever, and she wants to be a part of something bigger. Unlike most people I don’t think she had really strong ties to Terry before she learned the Batman secret, so I don’t think she’d mind running off as long as she kept in touch with him. TZP then would’ve been tied more strongly to BB and thus the DCAU, and they might not even have needed to erase Ro, just make her a later addition to Team Zeta and maybe a little younger to be a clear little sister figure to Max.

  2. Stockard Channing played Barbara Gordon for one season. Angie Harmon replaced her.

  3. You should have mentioned Out Of The Past. The return of Ra’s Al Ghul.

    • That was a f’d up episode. Shows another side of Ra’s and his true feelings on family.

      • Also revealed some darker sides of Bruce’s character, what with that lingering desire to be Batman again that caused him to accept Terry to begin with, and how that played out in his accepting Talia’s offer. Lots of ugly parallels between him and Ra’s in the conflicting feelings they have about their heirs. Probably the best episode of Season 3, if not the series.

  4. Yeah, they wasted Blight.

  5. “Honest Review” – I hate how this has to be pointed out, because all reviewers review dishonestly just for acting and fame.

    • While I can’t say that ERod’s or any reviewer is ALWAYS honest, when has any of ERod’s “Honest Reviews” have ever been dishonest?

      Note: “Dishonest” and “inaccurate” are not the same thing.

    • I don’t like the name of this series either, but for a different reason. Every single one of ERod’s “Honest Reviews” is a *positive* review. While all his “Blockbuster Buster” reviews are *negative*. What does “honesty” have to do with categorizing your reviews into positive and negative?

    • ᵗʰᵉNight★Star

      “because all reviewers review dishonestly just for acting and fame.”

      That is literally the single dumbest thing I have ever read, and you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself for it.

  6. Why didn’t ERod say anything about the Zeta project? It takes place in the animated DCU and is based at the same time as Batman Beyond. Unless he plans on doing an honest review it should have at least been mentioned.

    • Maybe because of how unpopular it was he never bothered to watch it. I know I never felt a pull towards it and tend to skip the episodes of Batman Beyond with connections to it.

    • It’s also possible he hasn’t gotten to it yet. Keep in mind, he’s still got Static and the JL series to go.

    • he has actually done a video that talks about the zeta project, a video called “the unspoken dc shows” or something like that. its on his patreon, so if you were desperate to hear his opinion there’s another reason for you to support him

    • Okay I freaking love Zeta project. I was always sad that they didn’t do more with it, true it’s obscure but that doesn’t mean it bad. It’s at least on par with static shock. I really wish DC would try to put the Zeta character back in somewhere. I would work well in a non-futuristic setting nowadays. I especially loved how he was usually seen as an eerie character in B.Beyond but an adorable character in Zeta Project as it showed how Ro sees him vs how Terry sees him.

  7. ok i understand that the channel awesome crew needs a place to put videos but lately since ive been watching erods videos for example some of the video skips from time to time idk if its just the file or video acting up but it just bugs me i can still watch it though

  8. How could ERod forget Inque? She was the second biggest villain on the show and Terry was never able to beat her by himself.

    Also, the show changed in the second season because WB told them that they needed Terry to do more high school stuff. They also discouraged continuity because they were running the show on rerun a lot out of order. According to Bruce Timm, the execs in charge at the time were really out of it. They were the type of people who tried way too hard to act “hip” and “get down with the kids.” They had all sorts of insane ideas like switching to a different show after commercials to keep the audience guessing about what they’re going to see next. It’s an incredible achievement that they managed to make a show this good when they had bosses who were complete idiots.

    • ERod didn’t forget her. He may not have done a detailed section for her like he did with Blight, but he specifically calls her out early in the review as the Clayface analog of the Beyond series.

  9. To be honest I never got into Batman Beyond but I do like Terry more than I do like Bruce. Terry was so much better character than Bruce ever was.

  10. Actually the Batman from the Golden Age, HAVE GUNS, and actually killed plenty of common criminals with it, the whole thing that Batman doesn’t use guns is a pure bullshit myth, because Batman was modelled after The Shadow, the first hero in existence, NOT SUPERMAN.

  11. YEAAAAAAAAAAAH! Oh man, that was so much fun to watch.. I loved Batman Beyond as a kid, and recently saw it again when it was on Netflix (it’s no longer available for streaming as of time of writing, which is a shame) all the way to completion. After having seen that, I’m going to have to watch the Justice League series.. but I’ve been saving that until I watch the original Batman TAS and its film.

    Either way, can’t wait till next week, when you go over the one show that I saw to completion when I was a kid.. aside from probably Yugioh…

  12. Every single style of animation that existed at the time? I don’t recall claymation in the intro. Nitpicky kidding aside, I’m loving the review.

  13. I dunno about your comments in regard to the animation style. Godzilla and MIB war fairly close, and probably served as inspiration, and Roswell Conspiracies and Chris Colorado that came at around the same time had fairly similar art styles, even if only the latter was as serious as Batman Beyond.

    Don’t get me wrong though, Terry is the only other person worthy of the mantle in my book and the JLA episode with Ace’s death is to this day my favorite episode.

  14. One thing that is important to Terry’s character, as brought up in Return Of The Joker, is that Terry’s reasoning for continuing as Batman is redemption. Terry used to be a punk kid who just barely avoided Juvi thanks to his “partner” taking the rap for him. He ended up with a second chance, but feuded with his father, and dad was murdered after their last one, when Terry blew him off. He blames himself, much as Peter Parker did for uncle Ben, thinking he could have helped fight the killer off. Batman is Terry’s chance to escape his criminal/punk history and become a better person. It’s something about him that I really like.

    • Glad to see someone else bring up Terry’s criminal past, but that’s not quite correct. Terry did go to juvie, he just got a 90 day sentence. His “friend”, who was pretty much just using him, was 18 at the time and sent to prison as an adult; there’s no indication that he took the rap for Terry.

      Also, while Terry does blame himself for his father’s death at first, that’s only in the first episode, when he thinks his father was killed by Jokerz who tracked him down. Once he finds out that Warren was killed by Powers, the Uncle Ben parallels pretty much end, since he knows he couldn’t have done anything to prevent it and actually narrowly escaped being killed at the same time.

  15. I definitely would have liked to see Max as Batgirl. I don’t want to see her as a love interest though. As a tried and true friend she comes across as more valuable and special. Super hero love almost always ends in disaster. What he has in her, comrade confidante treasured friend… could last.

  16. I really enjoyed this series, however I honestly never felt like Terry ever truly “became” batman. He spends a not insignificant portion of the series getting his ass kicked, even by somewhat low level thugs. I remember when I first watched I expected season two to be the point during which Terry received his real combat training and became the Dark Knight for real, but it just never happened and he continues feeling only half made.

    That criticism aside though I really feel like it was a worthy follow up to TAS. It’s a shame there’s nothing like this or the first Teen Titan’s cartoon on anymore, far as I know the networks got their wish and now the only DC shows are kiddified tripe.

  17. i love this show so much, and return of the joker had 1 scene that actually make terry my favorite batman, when he is fighting with the joker and bruce said “-he like to talk, ignore him and power through -i like to talk too” and proceed to annoy the joker out of his center, he outplay the joker, destroy that crazy calm that actually bruce never could, even when he was punching him the joker was happy and enjoying it, but terry ignoring bruce get a better way. bruce its solid, always calculating and having all under control, terry its a guy that was allways at the edge not as prepare but he was flexible, he knew how to react fast and try to do the best.

  18. From what I remember hearing Blight was supposed to come back in season 4 which was supposed to lead up to the batman beyond animated movie sequel. And yes I did watch Kim Possible when they spoofed batman beyond

  19. 4:29 Shame on you, Erod for judging a show before you watch it.

  20. 6:36 – I have to wonder why he used “Pange Lingua” there. It seems that “Pange Lingua” is almost always used as generic plainsong when it doesn’t really fit the context.

    About Commissioner Barbara Gordon: it’s hinted that she underwent something similar to The Killing Joke at one point; her costume has bullet holes. Of course, we find out that, whoever did shoot her, it wasn’t the Joker or Harley, so there’s a story that could still be told.

  21. I got to disagree with you on somethings. SPOILERS

    Tim Drake (the animated one) actually was a very well liked character. In fact in the original audience test run of the movie with the original twist was that Tim was the Joker, just gone completely insane and taken up the Joker’s identity, the audiences were upset. So it was changed to what we got: a weak twist that hurts this movie.

    Also, as I wrote on another video: “If the movie didn’t have the flashback sequence in it, it wouldn’t have been as memorable/good and I hate how they changed how the Joker came back from the original idea.

    Heck, now that I think of it, the flashback kinda took over the movie. It kinda became more of Tim’s and Bruce’s story rather than Terry proving himself to be Batman. Poor Terry, kid can’t even have his own movie.”

    Terry in my mind, is probably the closest the DCAU ever came to a Mary Sue. That isn’t saying he IS one, but given the original concept for the show, the creators did the best that they could and Terry and the showe overall turned out alright.

    The show did give us the best DCAU scene: The Flashback Sequence.

    • I’d actually say that Max is the closest thing the DCAU came to having a Mary Sue. She comes out of nowhere and within two appearances becomes the third most important character in the show, she’s top of her class without even trying and she has tech skills to rival Bruce’s while still in high school.

      • True, but I would only consider that if they had indeed made her Batgirl. I honestly thought they were going to do that when I first watched the show. Terry really isn’t Batman…he’s a glorified errand boy. Yep, I said it.

        I wasn’t interested in Batman Beyond because it did sound stupid but when I watched the premier of ROTJ I gave the show a try.

    • That is one weakness of ROTJ: it really is more Bruce’s story than Terry’s. But that’s kind of the point as well: when they made it, they thought of it as a kind of bridge between the series and the film.

      But the best Batman stories are the ones where Batman himself is challenged to his very core. And Bruce is; but Bruce isn’t Batman anymore. Terry’s supposed to be, but the film isn’t really about his struggle.

      I suppose it could be argued that, when he quit, that was a struggle. But not really. He took the mantle right back up as soon as his friends were in danger.

      And I suppose it could be argued that, like Tim, he views himself simply as a sidekick and needs to come into his own as his own hero. But again, not really. There’s a single throwaway line referring to that, and the only purpose it served was to call attention to the glass costume cases.

      And it could be argued that, in his fight with the Joker, it was the differences between the two Batmen that allowed Terry to get the upper hand (fighting dirty and such). But still, it’s not like there was a struggle that defined Terry as a character; it wasn’t as if he was being stifled by trying too hard to be like Bruce to start with.

      Bottom line, this is Bruce’s story, and Terry is only along for the ride.

      Nothing wrong with that, except this: since it was Bruce’s story, it really should have been Bruce to end it. Maybe have him show up in the Batmech suit he used in the series. Or have him appeal to the remnants of Tim’s personality through Terry’s suit. Anything to let Bruce finish his part in the tale, and then maybe hand it over to Terry to complete. Terry, it turns out, redeems both Bruce and Tim, but it still feels like this isn’t really his struggle.

      • Yeah that’s what I got out of it too. This is more Bruce’s and Tim’s story and Terry is just there to see the wrap up of loose ends. I really do wish they’d stuck with the original idea that Tim just went nuts but eh…

        That’s the whole tragedy of Terry’s character, he’s never really given a good and true shot on showing/proving himself as Batman. They gave him Bruce’s villain for his movie, he has a really hard time stepping out of Bruce’s shadow.

        It’s sad to say that the two best scenes in the movie was that one didn’t even feature Terry and the second one was…a Mary Sue moment…

    • There was NEVER a version of the movie where Tim became the Joker just out of going insane. Paul Dini published the original unedited script in book form and it included alterations that were altered in the original version, they later released the uncut version, but the script also had scenes that were never put to animation (there was one that I recall off the top of my head where some women are flirting with Old Man Wayne and Terry said it must be the money and Bruce sarcastically remarked, “Sure.” and dialogue that they changed/tweaked).

      If they ever had the idea for Tim to have become the Joker it never survived past discussions or early drafts and wasn’t ever in the finished script. No “test audience” would have seen a version where it happened. Plus I listened to the commentaries on the DVDs (both the edited/unedited had their own commentaries) and the blu-ray and the impression that the crew gave was that they always wanted to have it emphasized that Terry would help redeem Tim and Bruce and they seemed to all express that the Beyond Joker couldn’t be anyone but the Joker of BTAS because no one else could just take on the role. Besides that, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm both expressed that the ending of the movie had to have the catharsis of seeing Tim and Bruce reconcile since the movie had such bad things happen to them.

      • Actually yes it did happen, with very early versions of movies they test out several ideas, and a long time ago Timm was quoted about that test of the film and how it upset a lot of fans. I tried looking for that quote but it’s been 16 years now so I doubt it still exists. Probably the only way to re-confirm it is to just ask them.

        I’ve listened to both commentaries as well and read the early draft of the script too, still have it on my shelf here. (I bought it for the character artwork in it)

        If you still want a cool audio track to listen too with the movie, try listening too this, it’s really insightful and fun!:

  22. “He was the Flash Tompson of the series, nothing more than a dumb school bully.” So barely like Flash Tompson, or rather just the surface area of Flash Tompson?

  23. YEAH! I loved this show when I was young!

  24. I think I saw an episode of this show once. Maybe I didn’t continue watching it since I didn’t like darker shows as a kid. What a fool I was! LOL. Although, I DEFINITELY remember that Kim Possible Ferret episode. 🙂 Oh, and I DEFINITELY remember Static Shock. I LOVED that show. 😀

  25. I don’t blame you for not calling Terry Batman. Terry’s own inner voice doesn’t call him Batman.

  26. you should note that Angie Harmon played Barbara Gordon for 3 episodes and in the Return of the Joker.

  27. I’m curious…what about “The Zeta Project?”

  28. I’d buy Max becoming the future Gotham version of Oracle, but not Batgirl, no.

    I’m personally still hoping we get splicing in the future. I’d get some. I’m unapologetic furry trash. :V There didn’t seem to be any actual downsides, beyond the fact that the inventor was a criminal (who went all Tetsuo-blob when crazy overdosed with a hodgepodge of species) and that you’re naturally more aggressive. (As a lazy and submissive piece of shit, it might even balance me out)

    • Except that, if you had been paying attention to the episode, the splicing was changing people’s personalities. Here’s the irony: the news made the accusation, and the splicers denied it while simultaneously demonstrating the accusation to be true.

  29. When I was a kid I never gave Justice League a chance because I didn’t like the artstyle, I know that was really dumb of me but I still loved Batman Beyond. This show was just something else as it had so much effort put into it.

    I’ll never forget when I played Batman: Arkham City with the Beyond costume, that was a HUGE nostalgia trip. Makes me really wish a high-budget Batman Beyond game would be made already.

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