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The Last Angry Geek joins the review of one of the strangest Batman movies made. Some have a soft spot for it, but is there really anything of worth?

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  1. And yet, until the Adam West animated features, this remained the only Batman movie I had on video (I haven’t bothered updating to DVD though) and that I watched more than once.

    Though the fact that the “holy rusted metal Batman” line has me in stictches EVERY time probably says something about it.

    I think the general campiness of it does it enough for me to overlook the flaws. (Though I would likely see a lot more now, after a good few years of being osmotically trained in critical analysis by all the Funny Internet Reviewers I watch and probably as many years since I last watched it).

  2. So Bruce Wayne by that logic cheated on himself.

  3. First Batman movie was awesome the second was so sick its so great this movie is very funny its really nice to see and the fourth one was good
    This is such a great movie. This four movies are so good unlike the shitty boring Dark Knight
    I like Snow
    Stop using references to movies that were made after this movies that you review
    He did not killed him Two face’s Hubris killed him

  4. Renting Tuxedos are perfect for tossing a football around! XD

  5. How do you get Dick from Richard?

    You ask him.

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