Batman: Odyssey #1 – AT4W

It wouldn’t surprise me if Batman fights a Cyclops at some point in this.

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  1. To be fair with the thought balloons not reflecting what Batman said he was thinking in the caption boxes, it would have been pretty narratively pretentious for it to have gone like “I was thinking [this].” “Man, [this]!”

    • The easy way to fix that would be to dispense with the thought balloons entirely. Let the narration stand as his internal monologue. Unless the narration and the thought balloons contradict each other, making Bruce an unreliable narrator, but I’m not sure what the point of that would be.

  2. I never heard of “Batman: Odyssey” until a year or so ago when you showed it as one of the bad comics in the opening credits of AT4W. I knew about Batman going back to a more serious tone in the early 1970’s after the cancellation of the Adam West TV series, thanks to a “History of Batman” documentary that came with the special edition DVD of Tim Burton’s Batman.

    4:45- Is that Bruce Wayne or Robin Williams?

    6:29- Ah crap, it’s the Warrior comic all over again. Please tell me he doesn’t talk about “Destrucity.”

    10:10- Funny thing about that, when I was 6, my mom gave me the same kind of Batman mask that The Nostalgia Critic wore in his Top 11 Batman: TAS Episodes video. I used it for Halloween, and I sadly don’t have it anymore.

    13:42- “Space is warped and time is bendable.”

    15:26- Dick Grayson also wore Tim Drake’s Robin suit in The Animated Series.

    17:21- B’s, my god.

    21:34- Actual Lee, that’s pretty much what the Batmobile looked like in the 1970’s.

    I’m better off with the New 52 version of Batman. HE fought the Court of Owls.

  3. I’ve never heard of this Asterik thing before. Batman is probably the most prolific comic book character. It only makes sense you’d review him the most. Aww, no story this week. Two Man-Bats? Odd situation.

  4. No story this week eh? That’s ok, we needed little breather before things will really get insane.

  5. I’m surprised that there was no continuation from last week’s story line. O.O

  6. Okay I’m really interested in hearing Linkara’s opinion on Asterix. Hope he’s not to harsh on them though, I love those stories.

    • That won’t amount to much, Linkara is always worse if he is pushed out of his comfort zone, he won’t get Asterix, I guess a lot of the book is lost in translation anyway, it’s also rather old so if you don’t know enough about europe/france at that time, well, he won’t get it.

  7. 16:30 Adams initially wrote Man-Bat as a “Hulk-like” ally toward Batman and Robin. He was powerful and a good asset, but once injured, he couldn’t control his rage and would lash out at everyone, including Batman and Robin.
    21:25 Once again, Adams, back in the 70’s, had Batman driving around in what looked like nothing more than a customized Mustang.

  8. A Captain America shield out of guns and duct tape? Too bad The Courier didn’t think of that, would have made traveling through The Quarry, much easier and save on the cost of leather armor maintenance.

  9. I moderated a Neal Adams panel at a con a couple years ago. And I use the term “moderated” loosely, as all I did was introduce him, then stand at the podium like a goof for an hour since he just kept telling stories. Which was great, I mean, no one was there to see me. But it was kind of surreal.

  10. Hmm… this whole thing reminds me, I need some peppermint essence.

    You talk about who he’s talking to to tell this story; when we find out, it’s contradicted both by a line you read out and by what we see of his hands.

    Captions and thought balloons in the same comic were the style of the Bronze Age, in Neal Adams’ heyday. They weren’t meant to do the same things (as these are doing), though. I just figure he’s telling us some of his thoughts and showing us others, so it isn’t so redundant.

    I was surprised you didn’t bring up that pointless second shot through the same hole in his arm (or is that later?).

    I’m not sure what you’re going for with that Star Trek VI reference… I’m guessing where the Enterprise fired a torpedo but didn’t at the same time?

    Given who that second Man-Bat is, yes it’s explained how he knows where the Batcave is – in a different comic, also drawn by Neal Adams.

    I think Robin’s reaction to the Boy Wonder line was about him thinking ‘Batman would never say that’ rather than ‘I’ve never heard that line before’. Though it’s very unclear.

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