Batman The Animated Series – Honest Review

ERod kicks off DC-Cember: Secret Origins with his most requested Honest Review of all time, Batman The Animated Series!

Second half of my most Anticipated Honest Review of all time!

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  1. Before you kill anyone, I suggest you search on youtube for Tim Curry as the Joker. It’s definitely scarier. Not sure I would say better, but it’s not bad.

    • That’s not actually him from the animated series so much as they took his roles from other moves and dubbed them in there.

      But like Erod I would kill to see the actual versions that they put out.

    • I did. And none of those videos were of Tim Curry’s audition. They were just audio clips from Stephen King’s IT dubbed over footage from Mask of the Phantasm.

      I imagine Tim Curry’s take on the Joker to be similar to Jeff Bennett’s since Jeff Bennett’s voice is very similar to Tim Curry’s. Just turn the crazy dial up to 11.

    • I would take a shot. And Rod not need to lie about Hamill. Hamill was without a job, in the last ten years since the Original Star Wars he barely or never had any work, he wasn’t dying for interpret a villain, he was happy to get another chance in acting. Hamill suffer the fate of most of the actors in the Original Star Wars they barely had any jobs during decades, some of them stopped working all together, the only one that had a successful career after the Original Star Wars was Harrison Ford.

      • Carrie Fisher went on to be a successful author.

      • You might want to check Hamill’s IMDb page. Between the release of the original Star Wars and the premiere of BTAS he had at least one role a year. True, none of them were big blockbusters, but I’m pretty sure he was okay with that. He’s stated multiple times he prefers VA’s and smaller productions.

  2. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    David Warner was the “Hungry Like the Wolf” guy in “Cold War” on Doctor Who? My god. And now with the entire Ra’s segment I TOTALLY see how everyone’s calling Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow a Batman substitute. Amazing

    • I keep hearing this argument, but I really don’t buy it.

      Yes, they are both rich pretty boys who use their money to fight crime.
      Yes, they have both fought Ra’s.
      But I don’t really see any further connections between the two . If anything, Arrow’s Ollie fell much further into the darkness than Batman ever really did… (Not counting the really really early comics where Batman had a gun)

      The CW’s Arrow started out as barely better than a villainous protagonist, where as Batman did not.
      Ollie’s Character growth was/is in a distinctly different direction than Bruce’s as well.

      I sort of get the whole thing with Ra’s but the league of Assassin’s was not specifically a batman villain group. Sure, they dealt with batman alot, since Ra’s wanted him to take over, but many heroes fought against the group over time.

  3. Over all Batman TAS is good series and no one can disagree with that. It’s also series that brought deeper storytelling and characters to american cartoons while before that it was pretty much only seen in TV from live action series and anime. Like Doug has known from saying it also took it’s audience seriously so audience could take it seriously. How ever some times I don’t help but to feel that other Bruce Timm’s DCAU series are not as liked and respected as Batman TAS which is IMO shame since those are also really good.

  4. I absolutely love this version of Batman., but I also love 2004’s The Batman cartoon., that version has the best version of Barbara Gordon ,& Batgirl of all time next to Yvonne Craig version., E-Rod can you do an honest review of 2004’s The Batman that would be awesome.,,.

    • Yeah, THE Batman. Not to be confused with Beware The Batman. STAY AWAY from THAT one, ERod! From one Batman fan to another, seriously, STAY AWAY!!

      • Actually to be fair every Batman show since TAS has had it’s merits. The Batman while heading more towards a cartoonier action look and making eveything super teched out had brilliant episodes as well. Especially when it came to the first Clayfaces origin. But unlike TAS it squandered some of it’s potential at times.

        Brave and the Bold at first threw me off hard. This was so campy and based on more of the Adam West era it hurt at first. But giving it a chance and getting to see Bat’s team up with new heros every episode was great. And the Music Meister episode was loads of fun. Dare not to mention the Birds of Prey musical number.

        Now Beware gets a bad rap at really just trying something different while trying to be the same as whats come before. I’ll admit I didn’t care for the gun toting Alfred and teaming him up with Katanna. But watching the entire run makes for some good tv. In the end it does become another Batman team up

        But what I did like was the fact that they didn’t use the typical Bat villains and even used some rather new ones. One can give that credit to TAS as well for Creating Harley and using Bane who had only been introduced in comics little over a year before. But I did appreciate the break from the usual rogues gallery. Anarchy, Humpty Dumpty, the rather new Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad. I was actually disappointed once Deathstroke and Ra’s came into play.

        • Beware The Barman was a huge letdown for me, in particular what they did with Alfred! I mean, Alfred would have NEVER talked to Bruce like that! Bruce is sill his employer! Plus, HIM, with a BAZOOKA! And HE’S the one who is basically telling Bruce how to run the Batcave?! Since WHEN?!

          I prefer the soft-spoken grandfatherly Alfred of the 60’s Batman! This guy was NOT Alfred!!

          Not to mention that horrid animation…what were they DOING?!?! It was a complete eyesore!!

        • Actually, Brave and the Bold was mostly inspired by the old, campy silver age comics.

  5. You forgot about Tim Drake Robin #2.

  6. I’m having trouble catching up with your backlog since you post on Dailymotion and I’m spoiled by YouTube’s watch later feature since blip died.

    This is still hands down THE BEST animated Batman series and I remember seeing it the first day it came out when Batman fought the Man Bat on a Sunday night in 1992 when I was 14. Doug hit the nail on his review of the series that while it was still meant for kids, the series was incredibly mature and adult for all ages. I think this started the “darker” and “gritty” super hero cartoon era which eventually dethroned the TMNT.

  7. Tim Curry’s Joker is the same as Pennywise from Stephen King’s It.

    • If you are referring to the clips on youtube, that is audio from the movie “IT” with clips from the series. His actual performance has not been released (as far as I know).

  8. “…where there is despair there is hope…” You really gotta have someone look over your scripts, brah.

  9. Oh my God, ERod, you HAVE to have heard the AMAZING news by now!! There is no way for you NOT to have heard this (I know this doesn’t have anything to do with DC, but I HAD to share this anyway)…SAMURAI JACK IS COMING BACK! No joke, not at all!! They announced it just last Wednesday! In 2016 it’s coming back with brand new eps on adult swim Toonami!! A whole new season!!! NO JOKE!!

    Sooooooo….that means you are now OUT of excuses. To commemorate this great occasion you HAVE to review Samurai Jack this January!! Pretty please with a magic sword on top?

  10. Man I hate E-rods pretentious voice changing intro blabber.

  11. 2004’s The Batman had a more sympathetic Riddler. It revealed his backstory, his obsession with puzzles and his hatred for his father. He even had this female partner he trusted who betrayed him, and it broke his heart when he discovered the truth.

    By the way, Mr Freeze was designed by Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy. The voice actress for Catwoman was in a DC movie before being cast in Batman, and that movie is Wes Craven’s Swamp Thing.

  12. “Even more cinematic” No thanks, you Patreon vultures.

  13. How did we go from this to Teen Titans Go?

  14. “He is vengeance”? Really, R-Rod?

    It is my understanding that’s exactly what Batman isn’t. Batman is all about justice, always struggling to not cross the line between justice and vengeance. That’s why he hands over criminals to the authorities and tries his best not to kill. See “Batman: Under the Red Hood” for a great example of that.

    Revenge is The Sprectre’s thing.

    • After doing a bit more research I found out Batman did actually say that line at some point. Teaches me not to post to hastily… 🙂

      However, I do still think it’s an inconsistency in the Batman lore. There have been many instances in which Batman struggles to stay on the side of justice in stead of taking revenge.

      Disclaimer: Since English is not my first language, please correct me if I’m misunderstanding and vengeance and revenge are two different things.

      And while I’m at it, typo correction: *E-Rod (f*ck me sideways, I spelled your name wrong…)

      • You’re right that vengeance and revenge mean the same thing.

        And you are also right that Batman saying he’s vengeance is a bit odd, because he hunts criminals and sends them to prison or the asylum.

        If he really took vengeance, he would have killed criminals just like he did in the 1930’s comics.

        This is something the Nolan movies have ignored, and changed Batman into a symbol of hope and incorruptible. Which does fit the modern Batman mythos more.

  15. You might want to change this after you wake up from your sleep. The Mask of the Phantasm was supposed to be a direct to video movie but it got a Theatrical release. However they did it so half hazardly that it didn’t do that well.

  16. I like to add a little note about the animation. The very first episode has wonderful animation, but it never gets as good as that.

    After that the animation either ends up above average or terrible.

    “What is Reality” “Beware the Grey Ghost” in particular have terrible animation.

  17. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good and very interesting review erod. I have never seen a single episode of this show but my sister has and has see all the episode but I’m seriously thinking of watching it for myself. I’ll probably start off with the episode baby doll then watch almost got’em and then watch the rest all at random but look for the episodes you reccomended. Kevin Conroy isthebest batman I will agree with that but the best movie version of the joker hands down will always be Heath Ledger(And the suicide squad version I doubt will live up to that version. I’ll probably skip someone’s in the basement with batman and the movie mystery of the batman. Can’t wait to see what your thoughts are on superman animated series next week and if you think that the superman version in that show is the best batman version ever .

  18. So, BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD doesn’t count?

  19. By calling these “honest reviews,” doesn’t that basically admit the rest of your reviews aren’t honest?


  21. any chance you could post this on a more reliable video server than DailyMotion? Video kept jumping and glitching so I had to stop like 5 minutes in.
    Looked on youtube, just a link back to here. Little frustrating. lol. TIA

  22. Overall, good review. The video kept crashing though. If I had any criticisms I’d say you didn’t dedicate much time to Tim Drake’s Robin (even though the origin is Jason Todd’s). You mentioned it seemed silly for Batman to be running around with a kid but in the comics, the current Robin is like 10 years old and he’s a badass. So is Tim in the show as best displayed by “Never Fear” when he had to take down Batman.
    I’ve heard a lot of people say “Over the Edge” has a cop-out ending but I disagree. I think the episode as a whole is epic just like every episode with Scarecrow as the main villain. I think my great interest in the Scarecrow episodes (an amazing major villain that I feel deserved more recognition than the Riddler) led me toward the field of Psychology which I practice in as a therapist in my adult life.
    This series also impacted my interests as it got me into comics and I’ve been following them for over 20 years now. By the way, i liked “I’ve Got Batman in My Basement.” I thought it was silly but harmless and to this day, the first Christmas special I watch every year like clockwork is “Christmas with the Joker.”
    So, all in all, good review of the best and most inspirational cartoon (at least to me) of all time!

  23. I think this show’s strength is that it balanced Batman so well. Too often, in comics, they feel the easiest way to show darkness is to confuse it with being an asshole. This Batman was very close to the Neal Adams/Denny O’Neil version from the 70’s. Note that final scene in the video. Batman is dark, but still seems very bright against the backdrop of Gotham. I find that to be very appropriate imagery.

    I really wish Kevin Conroy could give lessons on portraying two voices for the same character. He doesn’t go for the “gravelly whisper” that Bale and Keaton did, nor did he simply not bother the way West, Kilmer, and Clooney did. He did it with changing registers and the intensity. You could easily believe that neither was an attempt to disguise the voice.

    Erod is right. There’s really so much done right with the series, you could discuss it for days and still have more to talk about. It’s also accessible to all ages. It doesn’t talk down to kids, but there’s nothing age inappropriate for them, either. They did a great job actually adapting some of the classic comic stories like, “A Bullet For Bullock” and the first appearance of Ra’s al Ghul (again the Adams/O’Neil era).

  24. Arleen Sorkin’s name is practically already Harley Quinn. Harley – Arleen. Sorkin – Quinn. Think about it.

  25. Is there a glitch that Erod’s patreon has no pledge bonuses, or is there literally no special gift for anyone? It’s been like that since inception so I’m assuming the latter.

  26. Ah, yes, Batman TAS. One of my favs, too. My brother had said that he liked X-Men better, and I don’t think he actually saw Batman’s brilliance. Maybe he just didn’t like Batman’s darker tone.

    I could have sworn Quinton Flynn was the voice of Robin (he’s also voiced Raiden in the Metal Gear Solid games). If I’m wrong, the two voice actors sound remarkably similar.

    Now, I’m sure my memory is sound, because I swear that the “Red Claw” two-parter was the first episode to air … and it may have been in prime time! The second episode was “Heart of Ice.” This may have been due to my local network station who called the shots in which episode to air. Maybe.

    I never knew a test animation was made during Tiny Toons! Gotta say, Batman dodging bullets like that was ridiculous.

  27. I’ve actually never seen Batman The Animated Series but between you and the Nostalgia Critic, I still know a good chunk about it. LOL. 😀 I learned even more from this video though. O.O Although, I would like to hear about your opinions on Gotham sometimes, if you watch that show.

  28. I’m a little surprised this show (and follow-ups) didn’t break the Badass-A-Tude meter.

  29. Beware The Grey Ghost is my favorite episode.

  30. Just so you know, the Mask of the Phantasm was actually in theaters, not direct to DVD. Just an FYI.

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