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More like the dark punching bag, really.

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  1. Beefed-up Joker: Makes me think of Arkham Asylum, the game.

    EDIT: So the Joker is actually Clayface. That reminds me of Arkham City.

    So it turns out that the high-powered steroid is somehow derived from Poison Ivy’s plants. ANOTHER IDEA FROM THE ARKHAM GAMES!

    • Smelled like editorial meddling to me (do something the fans of the shitty Arkham Game will recognize) – the story actually gets better in the second half (couldn’t save the line, which devolved into lackluster villain origin stories and was subsequently cancelled).

      • Yeah Steamking the shitty Arkham games… I guess that’s why the série as a whole is so highly acclaimed and revitalized on its own the whole genre of action game… because they where shitty

        Seriously, you can not like them it’s your right and more power to you, but no need to shit on them either

        • @Talvrae: That was in reference to what the editor probably said.

          Nevertheless, the character designs from the Arkham Games were stupid, no matter how good the gameplay was. Especcially the ‘roided out Joker from the end deserves all the mockery you can heap on it and definitily shows, you shouldn’t blindly copy things from the games to the comics.

      • Lets not exaggerate. Story wise Arkham games are own thing and that isn’t issue in any way. That you don’t like them or can’t play isn’t really argument here.

    • Definitely seems like a deliberate attempt to pull plot elements from the Arkham games, which came out at around the same time.

      • Arkham Asylum come out in 2009 and The Dark Knight Returns which clearly inspired both game, movie and comic (not that f*g title don’t make it obvious for some people) in 1986’s.

        I don’t have issue with TDKR because it is else world story what in opposition to shitty BvS give a reason for both to fight. Or other works inspired by it, excluding Frank Miler own works as he lost sanity after thet.

        But it seriously piss my off when some stupid jerks can’t get that it isn’t mainline Batman and there is nothing wrong with that or on other side that mainline batman isn’t like that. Both sides are here equally stupid. Though blame also largely is on side of DC what didn’t help.

  2. Hey! What a coincidence because I saw The Lego Batman movie a few months ago, I started looking up Batman villains and in my research, I came across White Rabbit. This is perfect timing. However, I could have sworn her backstory was different.

  3. I thought it would be based on the movie too. I didn’t remember a playboy bunny in there. Dang, Batman has too many enemies. Clayface is pretty cool though. Why were you using that gruff voice when doing Bruce Wayne? He only does that as Batman to disguise his voice.

    • Obviously because he can’t do a good Kevin Conroy impression.

    • He tends to give certain characters the same voice for every review regardless of content or context. Although he didn’t use the gruff Batman voice for the Batman and Robin comic adaptation because he figured if George Clooney didn’t give the role any intensity why should I.

  4. Even since Batman is my favorite all time superhero, I agree that he over saturates DC. In the DC Universe Animated Original Movies, we see Batman bringing together the faction made up of supernatural heroes in Justice League Dark, and we haven’t had a solo Superman movie since 2013’s Superman Unbound, which is based on the graphic novel “Superman: Brainiac.” …Oh, and Damien Wayne from those movies were nothing like he is in these comics.

    4:28- At least the trade collections of the current Star Wars titles showed review quotes that said stuff like “Every Star Wars fan must read this.” THAT’S being honest.

    The Batjet in this comic looks similar to the one in the video game “Batman: Arkham Asylum.”

    Who’s idea was it to make a Playboy bunny wearing a domino mask a Batman villain? And who’s idea was it to make Two-Face the next Bane, and then call him “One-Face”?

    16:39- In speaking of which, the movie “Night of the Lepus” is better than this.

    20:36- And for some reason, on the nightstand, he has flowers and a “Get well” card.

    22:45- Um, Batkara, Batman hasn’t worn underwear outside his suit since The New 52 started.

    • The Dark Knight Returns is one of most popular DC stories alongside the Watchman, the issue is that it is good only as own else world story. Also its style fit better more “serious” other media so I don’t have issue with adaptation until it is called Dark Knight or Arkham.

      The issue is that DC fall in common trap that if something is most popolar it doesn’t mean that you should make everything look like it. Obviously make an analiz why it is popular but still keep what is soul of other works as a core. Simple because fans have different tastes. Over saturating largest fandom isn’t as efficient as appealing to many groups of fans like Marvel currently doing with broad range of the shows from comedy to serious drama.

  5. At 26:10, I think Batman was saying something along the lines of: he’d have Forbes busted back down to a rookie so fast that Forbes would wonder if he had ever been anything more than a rookie. It’s a weird way of saying it none the less.

    Well, either that or “One-Face” and Clayface have pummeled ol’ Bats so hard that he thinks he’s the Flash, and can send people back in time by dumping them on their butt…

  6. Oh, I get it! Her superpowers are based on those old cartoons where they would have two rabbits (or rabbit slippers, or candy rabbits, whatever) go behind something, and when they come out the other side, there’s like two dozen of them.

  7. The reason this series existed was to serve as a successor to the Dark Knight series before the New 52 which was supposed to be an ongoing series written and drawn by David Finch focusing on Bruce Wayne as Batman instead of Dick Grayson as Batman without also focusing on Batman Inc. but it was cut short due to delays which eventually lead to David Finch stepping down as artist and instead became just the writer and also the New 52.

    I actually didn’t mind the over-saturation of Batman in the New 52 because at the time I was more of a Marvel person and mostly only read Batman DC titles, but that’s changed recently what with DC coming out with more quality titles and Marvel constantly changing the status quo of the universe as a whole every few months.

    I think the reason Clayface changed himself to look like the Joker was to avoid continuity conflicts. While DC’s new policy on continuity between titles since then can be a little confusing, it does allow more freedom to finish stories under one status quo before catching up with the current status quo.

  8. At least its not as bad as Court of Owls…

  9. How the hell does that thing steer? I mean i’m not an expert on cars or anything but, I’m not 100% sure it can steer. I just looked up some pictures of trucks, and even on 18 wheelers, the first 2 wheels are given enough space from the next pair of wheels to give it room to steer. They only put pair of wheels directly next to each other in the middle and the back, not the front.

  10. Oversaturation of Batman titles is hardly something New 52 originated.

    For a time we had, Batman, Detective, Legends of the Dark Knight, Shadow of the Bat, Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, etc.

    Decades before that, there was Batman, Detective, Brave & The Bold, World’s Finest, Batman Family, etc.

    • And even now we have Batman, All Star Batman, Detective Comics, Batman Beyond, Trinity, Batwoman, Batgirl, Batgirl & the Birds of Prey, Nightwing….

      Oh, and now Batman is on two different JL teams again.

      Bat-saturation is and always will be a simple fact of life if you’re a DC fan.

  11. One Face, Two Face, Red Face, Blue Face!

  12. Why I have Titans formula flashback?
    And no Forbes magazine joke?

  13. On the poison: Was it really so difficult to ad a line like “There is a Venom derivative mixed in to it as well”? It would explain the strength, and at this point there where several stories in which in was established that Bane is okay with selling his Venom formula if the price is right.

    On White Rabbits identity: I would presume they where counting on the different skin colors? So they didn’t try to hide the identity so well.

  14. The Green Arrow looked more like Wolverine than Batman

  15. @2:25 Yeah this why most comics I’ve read have been indie books or web-comics. Considering that I tend to be a bit compulsive about reading, watching or playing series in order.

  16. I know you usually stick to comics, but I’d love to see you do another Batman crossover with ERod: The LEGO Batman Movie. 😉

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