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Linkara and the Nostalgia Critic team up to look at the comic adaptation of the first Tim Burton Batman movie!

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  1. I have always hated the idea that Alfred just showed Vicki the cave independently.

    I prefer to think that Vicki reflected on the events at her apartment, found out about Bruce’s past at crime alley, all the pieces clicked into place, and she raced out to the manor demanding that Alfred bring her down to the cave.

    Works much better, in my opinion.

  2. I love the jab at the clipless reviews and the balloon call back. YES! 🙌 This was interesting since I’ve never seen this movie. Also, what was Jerry Seinfeld’s obsession with Superman?

  3. Thanks for the YouTube links. Not does it play a lot smoother than Vidme, but I swear it even looks better.

  4. “Bad touch, Batman!!” Are we forgetting in the film Bruce, by definition, rapes Vicki? In the scene after the dinner she’s clearly inebriated while Bruce appears in total control. Doesn’t matter if she flirts and paws at him, she can’t give consent. Of all the dated aspects of the film, this one bothers me the most–and nobody talks about it and how it affects the film.

    On a lighter note: Cute crossover~

  5. how come Linkara seems to be okay with the movie Batman killing because it is a different continuity but he complained about Golden Age Batman doing it even though, even before Crisis of Infinite Earths, the Golden Age was an alternate universe?

    • I don’t get the impression he was okey with it. Just that he didn’t want to give his thought on the movie itself as much the effectiveness of this comic adaptation. In his Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham review he admitted to disliking the movie making The Joker the killer of Bruce Wayne’s parent, but his feeling on that aren’t addressed here. When your doing a crossover, you might devote less time to your thoughts on a product in order since the person needs to give some of their own.

  6. Well, we’ve already saw Brad trying a 28-year-old box of the Batman movie cereal. Why not have a review of the comic adaptation of the #1 movie of 1989? BTW, tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series.

    In speaking of Batman using shell companies to require items, that’s what he did in Batman Begins when he was purchasing a case of 10,000 cowls for the Batsuit.

    I actually remember seeing those Superman/Jerry Seinfeld commercials on TV when they first came out.

    It’s weird that in the comic adaptation, Jack bullet is ricocheted off of Batman cape, where in the movie it was off his gauntlet ala Wonder Woman.

    Nice job on the sketches vs. plotlines scene of the review, as well as the callback to the balloon joke from the It review. …Walter White in Star Trek?

    At least the “FWA-KWOMB” explosion effect wasn’t a “SKRONK.”

    The Batsignal being projected onto a building is a nod to how it was shown in The Dark Knight Returns.

    Please tell me there’s gonna be a bloopers video for this episode.

    • Yes, I too am disappointed that you did not review a comic based off of BTAS in honor of the silver anniversary, but at least you reviewed something Batman.
      Remember when you reviewed One More Day and you mentioned the scene in Avengers Academy in which a couple of kids who were younger than Spider-Man were “schooling” him in how to create a business corporation (to trademark Uncle Ben’s catchphrase) without having to use his true identity?? Batman could do that for his “corporate credit card”.
      Of course, Batman’s “business saavy” varies from writer to writer.
      One comic had Batman admit that, if not for Lucius, his obsession with being Batman coupled with his lack of business skills would have made him bankrupt by now.

      • Or y’know, he could just get a pre-paid credit card from Walgreens or something if he absolutely NEEDED a credit card. That wouldn’t trace back to him either and would require considerably less effort then setting up all the shell companies and what not that would be necessary to keep the Bat Credit Card from being traced to him.

  7. Regarding the Bat Credit card thing: Couldn’t he just keep some cash in the Batmobile for those times he needs to purchase something on a case? Just seems like it would be easier and a lot less risky then setting up a whole bunch of shell companies just to have a vanity credit card.

    • “I killed the “Bat Credit Card” joke.”

      Tell that to Nash over on “Here There be Dragons” for his crossover review of “The Dresden Files” with The Nostalgia Critic?

  8. Is anyone else surprised that The Critic didn’t bring along his own Batman mask?

  9. I figured you’d team up with Brad on this one since he did risk his life to review the Batman cereal not long ago.

  10. Linkara has a spaceship, access to magic, and is facing the end of the world. What he needs most is… ad revenue?

  11. This was one of your most fun episodes in quite a while! You and Doug play off each other well, and it’s obvious you had a lot of fun. Bravo to both of you!

  12. Seeing Viga reading the MLP comic at the beginning, combined with being behind on your videos and having just watched the last The Star Wars episode about hope, AND the fact that the most recent pony comic has a character whose legend is all about how she inspires hope in others. It’s a weird sort of synchronicity I’ve got going on right now.

  13. You guys both do great Jack Nicholson impressions!

    I didn’t hear what NC said to Viga.

    (“My face on the one-dollar bill”)
    “In the comic this is foreshadowing”
    In the novelisation, too.

    “She took photos of him and he’s trying to maintain the idea of being an urban legend…”
    Actually, she got pictures of his face. At least, that’s what I’ve always thought happened.

    “How can you not handle balloons?”
    … I was going to go see It tonight…

    Ooh! Ooh! Poor literacy!
    The Joker: “And viola! Instant privacy.”
    ‘Voila’ is an expression based on a French term meaning ‘see here’. A viola is a musical instrument like a small violin.

  14. Linkara is apparently very ”daddened” by how the Joker’s clips were handled in the comic.
    Very daddened, indeed. :3

  15. Well done!!!

    That’s the funniest review I’ve seen from either Linkara or the Nostalgia Critic individually in a long time! great collaboration! It’s even better than many other crossovers and not weighed down by too many other characters like some of their individual reviews are (particularly Critic’s in recent years).

    Kudos to all involved!

    -Mike D.

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