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ERod’s quest to avenge Fanboys everywhere continues in a whole new series.

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  1. here are some pros and cons with this idea. A big con right off the gate is that this essentially just doing a variation of the review and covering plot points and material already talked about in the previous review. Either that review of Batman v Superman should of been split in two or Erod should of found different material if he really wanted to cover this movie again because quite honestly it does feel kind of weak to have your new series immediatley tread the ground of the previous series. It would be like if Nostalgia Critic’s review of Scooby Doo of 2012 was also his first episode of 2013 but it was just skit segments of Rachel and Malcolm Doug interacted with.

    And yeah that’s the other major problem of this new series. Which was something I feared and yeah seems to be the case that these reviews are pretty much just Nostalgia Critic esque clipless reviews where the focus is more on just talking about a few key scenes of the movie without the clips or even here narration to really delve into what the movie is about. Granted there may be no narration here as this was something already reviewed though again another reason why this shouldn’t of been the first chosen but even if that wasn’t the case, this does honestly feel more derrative in terms of writing then BB normally is. And Erod already had a style that felt like it was cobbling together various other critic’s work but found a way to still make it his own with how he framed his clips and his clip useage. Taking that away kind of makes the product itself not stand as much on it’s own. Especially when NC already did a clipless Batman v Superman which this pretty much is. And quite honestly Eric is someone who really needs clips the movie’s material to either mock or talk around even more then Doug does really so not having that does feel like a major step back.

    That’s not to say this was awful. At the very least the quick pace and look of this one actually made it flow rather well and the actual jokes from constantly hammering the two in the hunk to writing Bat Dork in the helmet and wanting the two of them to kill Doomsday together were good bits. And though the costuming and scene cuts aren’t professional or anything they do have a level of effort that does seem like a really noteable step up. And honestly making things shorter does actually make for wittier back and forth and to breath more life into the jokes and most of them do at least hit as well as they should so that’s always something.

    So yeah though I have issues this wasn’t a bad first outing. I don’t see it turning in new fans or even pleaseing some of the older ones but for me I still enjoyed it and honestly feel that since this was based off something already talked about maybe next episode on Suicide Squad will really determine how this one works as part of a series. Could be good could be Eric’s Demo Reel esque failure. Time will only tell for sure I suppose.

    • Dude. He did a full review on it.

      Also what’s wrong with clipless videos? Just so others can save the time of watching the whole movie?

      • Your mileage can vary here but….

        I’m not that big of a fan of the clipless style of reviews. Seeing clips of material and seeing a reviewer talk about whats onscreen is what makes it entertaining. Especially if the reviewer is naturally funny.

        I dont get that effect as much for clipless reviews. Some of NC’s clipless reviews were okay but some were also embarassingly bad to me.

        And I really am afraid that Erod will fall in the same boat.

        But I will hold my judgment until I see more of the episodes. To see if he can turn this around.

      • “Dude. He did a full review on it.”

        – Yeah I know. That’s why one of my complaints is “this is just taking jokes from that review and re-doing them in skit format.”

        “Also what’s wrong with clipless videos?”

        Again this has been an issue that was heavily debated and derailed when Doug started doing clipless videos. But even then that was a couple of years into his new series and even then it wasn’t with every review as most still use clips.

        Again though I didn’t think this was bad and I am waiting to fully judge this series when the Suicide Squad review comes out. Because Erod didn’t do a video on SS in Blockbuster Buster format yet so it won’t be reliant on a previous review like this BvS was and will stand on it’s own and that is when I’ll see how the format really works for me personally but I’m still judging this first episode since this was what Eric wanted to lead with and again had problems with it.

  2. Didn’t you get anyone play WW in this?

  3. Sweet! This has greater quality, better effects and now a bigger crew. Evolving through filming is the best!

  4. Some of the jokes were good (even though I personally liked the Martha scene). Still, I can’t help but feel like this wasn’t as good as your previous review model. Also, does this mean that I’ll never again see that clip where you act disgusted, the audience reacts, and the dude throws himself out of a window? ☹

  5. I was hoping he would actually review the movie this time around. Nope… It’s about him again.

      • In that one he didn’t so much review the movie as he made a parody of it to fit into his own story line. I acknowledge he made a valid point about characters popping in and out of the movie without any real purpose, but then he had characters in the review do the same thing. And it was just as bad as when the movie did it. Then he does a second episode for it and what do we get… Nut Shots!

    • ERod already did a full review in his last episode. Why would he need to review it a 2nd time? That movie came out last year. Another review of BvS would be superfluous at this point.

      As for the video being “about him again”, well, it is his show, after all. What’s the title of this show? There ya go. If you just want to see a straight review of BvS, you could just go to YouTube and type “Batman V Superman review. You’ll find plenty.

      • Why would he need to review it a 2nd time? Because in 2 videos he still has not actually reviewed the movie. A review has analysis and presents an argument to support the reviewers conclusion on the subject being reviewed. This is Erod beating up on the characters. He may make a comment here and there about why the movie was bad, but doing those exact same things in his review of the movie isn’t any better.

        • Do you want some cheese to go with that whine? Stop acting like ERod owes you a straight review of Batman V Superman; he doesn’t. As previously stated, it’s ERod’s show. He can approach the movie in any way that he sees fit. Eric Rodriquez isn’t a professional critic, nor does he claim to be. The above might be what you’d personally prefer him to do, but he doesn’t *need* to do that by any stretch of the imagination. Batman V Superman is one of *the* most reviewed movies on the internet presently. There are already plenty of straight reviews and analyses on BVS, so there’s no reason for ERod to make one if he doesn’t want to. If the video isn’t to your liking, then skip it. It’s that simple.

          • To clarify: I can understand it if you didn’t care for the video or this particular approach, but I don’t understand where you get off being so demanding about it, like your Erod’s boss or something (“He needs to do it *this* way!”). Erod doesn’t owe you a thing. If you want him to make a Batman V Superman review with analysis and all that, become a Patreon sponsor and pay him to do so. You can prefer whatever style that you want, but since he’s providing you with entertainment for free and you’re not paying him anything at all, you’re not in a position to make any kinds of demands.

          • Do you want some cheese to go with that whine?
            – Yes, that’d be nice. Thank you.

            I don’t understand where you get off being so demanding about it, like your Erod’s boss or something (“He needs to do it *this* way!”).
            – I don’t know where you’re getting that. All I said was I was hoping for a review, then later added that neither video qualifies as one and explained my reasons for thinking so.

            he’s providing you with entertainment
            – If that’s how you describe nut shots. I’m of a different opinion on that.

  6. I understand the reasoning behind doing this, to protect yourself from copyright claims, but it’s sadly not my favorite review format. Hopefully it helps with copyright, though.

  7. Um…. sorry. No likes.

  8. Acetylsalicilique

    Are you saying “I’m the goddamn Batman” is… a good line ? Wow…

    • Did he said that? He praised Drak Knight Returns what on its own isn’t a bed comic despite that Frank Miller made it.. but I don’t care so much to verify it.

  9. Really E-Rod your new show is an imitation of the Nostalgia Critic and your intro is not as badass.

  10. So your new series is a bootleg version of Doug’s “Clipless Reviews” so you could start uploading it back onto Youtube instead of continuing to use other video sites that treat you more fairly, under the excuse that it’s going to be a next level concept that allows you to do serious filmmaking…Yeeeeeah, this is going to be a looooong held and beloved series alright.

    • I hope that not ALL of his reviews are like this! I’ve always loved him and I hope that he next reviews WILL have clips! I hope he only did it this way because he already did this movie and this won’t continue.

  11. I can see this idea working out with a bit more done with it. I’m really hoping that this was a sort of mini-video to let people know the general direction you want to take.

    I mean, doing the skits when you’re talking about stupid plot-holes or things that should have been changed is fine. It’s a decent way to argue directly against the direction a movie took.

    This video was missing a couple major components of what makes your videos appealing. It lacked almost all of the informative background information that you would have normally given. Also, while I can understand wanting to avoid using clips on YouTube, they do have their place in a review format. When you want to reference directly on something that the movie did, it shows it best when you can just present the movie’s action directly. It proves that you aren’t exaggerating or making a complaint up when you can show it.

    Long story short, this particular format for mocking or addressing what changes should have been done, coupled with the in-depth background information regarding the franchise or production, alongside the occasional actual clip to reinforce your points would make a much more entertaining video.

  12. Mixed feelings on this “review”. I’ll save judgments after the next one.

  13. One more week until the new season of Samurai Jack, ERod! Are you as excited as I am for it, ERod? One more week until you have no more excuse to finally give us an honest review of the show!

  14. So this your next big thing? Just inserting yourself into these movies to become an asshole to all the characters? E-Rod, you’re the Blockbuster Buster, not Deadpool. And you still write your own jokes? This doesn’t feel much different than your original review, despite the fact it’s a lot shorter.

    Also, I’m definitely no green screen expert, but dude, those stock photo backgrounds became so inconsistent and poor. I could see one part of the green screen become black. While I do commend your new production, this feels like a discount Funny or Die sketch, no offense.

    Nevertheless, I’m only reserving my full criticism when Suicide Squad hits.

  15. What was the point of this being its own video? Felt like you chopped six minutes off something else and uploaded it.

  16. I’ll be honest. I love ERod’s work, but this one just didn’t really capture any of what makes his videos great in my opinion. It felt rushed, being the biggest issue. I’m aware that he’s already reviewed this movie, and I hope that’s the reason this one is so short, but if this is an indicator of what the future holds for this new direction, then I’m worried. What’s always made The Blockbuster Buster great, is that it’s informative about the content, and goes deeper into the details of why the particular elements don’t work, as well as the history of the franchise. While we got this a little bit in this video, the best way to put it is that this felt like a trailer to a movie, rather than us getting the movie itself…..

  17. Audio was a bit off and you’re character came across as childish. I guess that’s the point but it seems like a step back in character. Still I do like your points though. DC is a cheery place and this…They’re trying way too hard.

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