Batman v Superman Commentary – Blockbuster Buster

ERod provides some reveling facts and thoughts on the premier episode of his new series.

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  1. This was especially interesting since it’s from your new series. While I’m not liking the series so far, I’m still willing to hang on with this new series.

    • Same boat as happymel, wasn’t a fan of the series opener at all but will give the show a chance before moving on.

      I was surprised to hear his old format was not sustainable. Sounds like this new, far more costly, version will need to be wildly successful in order to continue. Best of luck to you erod, I may not be a fan of your new content but that doesn’t mean I want you to fail. Hopefully you get a new and greater following as a result of the risks you’ve taken.

      • Yeah, I think he’s blaming his waning success on not being flashy enough, rather than, you know, the fact he’s an arrogant tool who has to respond to EVERYBODY who disputes him.

        • The Real Silverstar

          Kind of like how you feel the need to act like a butthurt tool and hit him with personal attacks EVERY TIME he criticizes this movie. Pot, kettle.

        • You feel the need to rip Erod apart whenever he dares to criticize Batman V Superman simply because his opinion(s) of the movie is different from yours, and *he’s* the one can’t let it go? Can you say “hypocrite”, boys and girls?

          I have to ask: If you really think that Erod is an “arrogant tool” and all that, why are you still watching his videos and commenting on them? I really have to wonder why you’re still watching something that you seem to hate so much at this point, unless you’re a masochist with a psychological need to punish yourself. We get it. You liked Batman V Superman, but a lot of other people didn’t care for it, so there’s no need to blast everyone who doesn’t share your opinion. You’re beating a dead horse at this point.

  2. I like the idea of you invading the bad movies and whatnot, but the best part of your work has always been the analyses and production history. So I’d rather that between sections you sit down somewhere: cafe, parkbench, whatever, just to provide these analytical or lecture-like bits.

  3. The Real Silverstar

    While I kind of see where Erod’s coming from artistically (I too kind of feel like I’ve hit a wall creatively on my blog/site and would like to expand my horizons a bit, I just don’t what that entails as of yet), I think he’s selling himself short. He already has a substantial number of followers due to his passion, opinions, attention to his work and analyses. I can see wanting to change formats if he just feels he’s done all he can do in the traditional format and simply wants to try something new (Alison Pregler switched from Obscurus Lupa Presents to Movie Nights because she felt she felt burnt out with the OLP format and wanted to do something more casual and laid back), but his previous format was already working and gelling with his fans.

    I also don’t think it needs to be exclusively one way or the other; he can easily do both. Invade the bad movies and screw with the characters, and in between offer analysis and information about the movies themselves. Of course it could also be that since he already covered Batman V Superman in his last traditional episode, it kind of came off like he’s treading old ground here. Maybe the subsequent episodes will be better received since he won’t be covering a movie he’s already ripped on before.

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