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ERod dedicates his last Commentary of the Year to his final Episode.

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  1. Hey Erod, any commentary about the part in the video where you mock and insult those who liked the film with Evil Erod? No? Then eff this channel, I’m gone.

    Look man. I get how you feel. I feel the same way about the (Significantly less than) Amazing Spider-Man. That film is a horrible film, and as a Spider-Man story is a thorough abomination. That film is one of the few films that is banned from ever being shown to me, I will not watch in a group, or with others. I will not even watch clips of it on youtube I despise it so much.

    But I also do not insult those who like it. sure, they are wrong in liking the film, But I’m not going to turn into an utter @$$ hole online just because I disagree with others. Furthermore by your insulting and mocking those you disagree with, you put yourself down as not a movie reviewer, but as a online troll with far too much time on their hands and far too little self respect.

    So yeah, I’m gone. Good luck with the new channel.

    • Calling TASM an “abomination” sounds like a huge stretch. At least to me.

      • Halfway through TASM, I had this mental image of a consultant on the film telling the script writers and Andrew Garfield to portray Peter Parker as disrespectful to all his authority figures as possible to make it relateable to the teen audience. The Dinner scene with Gwens family is a perfect example of this. He behaves in a way which would get a chair smashed over my head if I ever spoke to my Girlfriends family in the same way, and then goes off to suck face with her. He was selfish, spiteful, and even at times criminal. Everything Peter Parker is not supposed to be. So yah, that film really triggers the same kind of fanboy rage in me that BvS triggered in Erod

        But, if you disagree with that, I’m cool with it. I’m not so petty and conceited to think the world needs to agree with me to justify what I think. I’m not going to insult, troll, or mock those who disagree with me. That sort of behaviour I like to think is beneath an adult. Sadly though, that’s exactly the behaviour Erod showed in this video. I understand him being Angry. And if he admitted he got carried away and apologized in this commentary, I’d have respected him for his maturity and responsibility. Sadly this video seemed to be about justifying his fanboy rage and mockery.

        For me, nerd culture is about coming together to support this hobby and make it awesome. When we mock those who disagree with us though, instead of accepting a differing opinion, we kinda end up justifying the opinion that comic readers are a bunch of no life neckbeards rather than functional and mature adults. So yah, this is my last stop on Erods channel, i won’t support someone who would do this to people who support his work. I wish him well, but he needs to respect his audience more, even those that *GASP* liked BvS

    • Wolf007? Maybe you should change to WAAAAAH007. stop being a baby

  2. I was going to ask why you didn’t include “Man of Steel” in your list, but then I remembered you didn’t do a BB review of that, just an honest review as yourself.

  3. Yeah, Batman v. Superman was not an awful movie. However, it still was the worst movie I saw in 2016. If they had cut at least one dream sequence out to give more explanation on some things, it would have helped. Plus, Jesse Eisenberg’s performance was bad and yet was in it more than Superman in my opinion. UGH. Heck, I enjoyed myself more at Suicide Squad.

    • I know that I’m breaking a Taboo by doing this, but while BvsS was flawed, I still enjoyed the action scenes and appreciated the scripts ambition, just not its execution.

      But for me, the worst comic book movie, by far, was Doctor Strange. Despite the efforts by cumberbatch and the effects team, me and many others I know felt the script was so lazy. Just rehashing the journey we saw in Iron Man, but just with very lazy execution. I audibly and loudly groaned when the film tried to tell me a man with a severed spinal column was sent to a muscular rehab clinic. Or that he was recognizable after his magical healing. Or that he was trackable. Or that a coven of sorcerers is trackable by wandering a city asking total strangers about it.

      Sure, BvS shot and missed, but at least it cared enough to try. I know the general public is supposed to love marvel and poo-poo DC films, but man That Dr strange script was such a phoned in effort.

  4. Question, I get you don’t plan to do another DCEU but what if they do manage to turn things around with wonder woman and JLA?

  5. Jesse Eisenberg did a better “joker” performance, than the actual Joker we got in Suicide Squad.

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