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The next big, Hollywood anime adaptation is… not what you think it is.

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  1. I didn’t knew that this anime adaption existed before you showed DVD cover at end of previous episode.

  2. When I saw the first 10 min in 2002 of this anime, I turned my dvd player off and have not rejoined it since then. Till now I have had to buy 4 of the 9 original mangas again, because they had decomposed of repeated reading.

  3. As giddy as I get when something like Hollow Knight makes an obscure reference to the manga, I like this OAV more. And not just because of my huge bias towards how cool they made the grind cutters look. The comic’s way bigger in scale, expanding on the world and escalating fights. But since the drama is an excuse to show off zany sci-fi martial arts, to me it’s less satisfying.

    Like making Vector (the black guy in shades) being a huge, rich dick to people a sign of him being this deep guy who tests their resolve. I get that culminating in big cyborgs being beaten by an antique katana is neat-o, but plot and drama-wise that story is more nonsense than psychometry. Simply seeing Vector getting rocket-sledged early is so much more satisfying than his expanded role. The OAV’s cut short and compressed, but in a lot of ways that also ended up making it more sensible. Also animated grind cutters.

  4. I think I get what this anime was trying to do. If Cameron and the others ignore this I seriously doubt the live action movie will be worth the effort.
    Great review, Sage.

  5. Bennett the Robotech example is really unnecessary, cause we all know why we aren’t getting a movie. And it’s the same reason we aren’t getting Super Robot Wars non OG in the states even though Namco has gotten to the point “yeah whatever we’ll just pay original japanese VA royalties” at this point. And I don’t need to tell you because you’ve already probably researched it and was probably the person I learned it from in a video from years ago I’ve forgotten the context of.

  6. TragicGuineaPig

    I knew you were going to make an Egon Spengler joke. Seriously, he even has a PKE meter!

  7. Great review. I always liked this one, largely because I loved the Manga (well the first run, he lost me when he retconed the ending and turned it into a never ending Dragonball type contest years later). I always wonder how the short anime (barely a few chapters of the manga) would look to someone who did not know the full backstory of the manga.

    Oh and when you wade through the old stuff, might I suggest you investigate El Hazzard at some point?

  8. The original manga is quite good. It’s zany and a bit campy, but also possesses real dramatic substance, memorable characters, and stunning artwork. Unfortunately, the ending was rushed and isn’t all that satisfying.

    I like the rebooted manga much less.

  9. June of 2018…and you’re doing this a whole year in advanced because you want to what? be first?

  10. The original Manga is extremely hard to find.

    It also suffers from extreme name-changing, that I guess doesn’t cause many problems in the manga it self, but it does make the tittle many time less serious. Beyond Alita in the Japanese version being called Gally, the tittle of the manga is actually Gunmu, which is a play on the words Dream and Gun, representing perfectly it’s content. In English it’s changed into “Battle Angel Alita”, that gives many wrong impressions, and in the 3rd manga series currently being released, Gally has already thrown away her Amnesiak name for her original, so it’s pointless to have “Alita” in the tittle now.

  11. In the manga Shinji would always call an ambulance for the people whose spines he’d stolen, so even though he was crippling them, technically he never actually killed anyone. I REALLY liked this manga, I remember seeing a clip of this anime used in AMV hell 3 years ago but I never knew just how much had been adapted, though it’s interesting to see they barely did the first few chapters.

  12. Yeah the source material go much deep… but forget about the sequel série to Gunnm

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