Battle Geek Plus: E3 2015 Highlights

The BGP crew attends E3 2015! See some of their best highlights and some special guests!

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  1. What? No Fallout 4 or Doom? Seriously Bethesda? After that kickass press conference, there’s no playable demos or anything at E3? It doesn’t make sense since both games are pretty close to release with Fallout 4 coming out in November and Doom next year and there are no playable builds?

    Fuck it, I’m buying both anyways, but I would have liked to see some hands on video like Starfox and Mario Maker.

    Regardless, great video and it’s awesome that you got to see Angry Joe, Nathan Barnatt, The Completionist, Petros from My Life is a Game, and Koji Igarashi!

    I’ve always wanted to get into E3, but have no connections to the gaming industry. Can you guys spare a brother? lol

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