Battle Geek Plus: Mario vs. Shrek

The ultimate battle between plumber and ogre. Which ones of these titanic titans will become the victor of this battle of epic proportions?!

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  1. lol!

    I used to live not too far from both Griffith Observatory and Dreamworks about a decade ago. Love how you guys have the balls like Mega64 to go out and shoot in public like this. XD

    Please tell me there’s an uncut version.

  2. Now there’s a battle asked for by no one ever.

    I swear, these morons are an embarrassment to geek culture.

    It wouldn’t be as much of a problem if they didn’t get on ChannelAwesome.

    • Kind of like Xavier Woods in WWE actually. I don’t watch wrestling, but that character is just shameful.

    • Then don’t watch them. Simple as that.

    • btw, I just skimmed through a few of your YouTube videos linked from your blog and your patreon and while I could say some mean things, you should *really* look at your own work first before going off and insulting others.

      Just saying.

    • Ok, mattwo, I doubt you’re even going to read this, but I’m going to be very blunt with you.

      Your videos are awful. Downright awful. I feel terrible for even watching them. You speak with absolutely no authority, no effort, and no real presence to get anyone to really care about what you have to say. You literally sound like you’re either bored when you’re talking or you feel too scared when you’re speaking and just said, “screw it, I’m posting this online anyways”.

      Watch Doug, Angry Joe, Linkara, and Brad Jones. They command authority with their presence, points, and delivery. Which, you mattwo, do not have. You represent yourself with terrible looking Garry’s Mod pics which are terribly animated, btw. SFdebris and Leon from Renegade Cut don’t even show themselves on camera and they have more presence than you. Even Chris Stuckmann, who’s accused of having wooden delivery has far more presence than you.

      I’ll give you props for putting yourself out there despite your lack of presence, but since your work is available publicly, and I’ve seen you post insulting comments towards BGP on their Youtube and on other producer’s videos here (Dtoon’s Annoying Orange video), your work is fair game.

      How do you feel being on the receiving end this time, mattwo? You probably won’t read this, but I’ll at least expose your stupidity.

      Apologies to BGP for cluttering their comments like this. I just can’t stand seeing producers I like getting insulted by moronic twats like mattwo.

      • Thanks for telling me stuff I already know!

        Hey you know what? You can’t invalidate my point by saying that I can’t do better.

        I’m not on ChannelAwesome and I’m not hurting the image of geek culture.

        You just dug up dirt on someone who doesn’t even remotely matter btw, I hope you’re proud of yourself.

        • Wow. Thanks for validating your lack of credibility.

          Now I really feel like I wasted my time!

          • Well now I’m curious, what credibility do YOU have?

          • @mattwo: Other than being here since summer 2008, none, like you.

            But I don’t insult producers and will defend them if need be.

          • What do you even have to gain from defending them? My insults will likely fall on deaf ears anyway. Not going to deny that there isn’t much point in my doing so. I’ve been pretty irritable lately. Not an excuse as much as the logic behind me doing so.

          • Ok, mattwo, I’m actually going to give you the benefit of the doubt and offer you an apology since you mentioned in one of your video comments that you do take speech therapy, which I also did as a kid. Plus I don’t make videos, so you already have more guts than me putting yourself out there, so I’m giving you props again for that.

            I just don’t like seeing any of the producers here getting insulted and yes, I gain nothing from it and don’t care about making a name for myself. It’s just the way I am.

            I suggest just not watching the producers you don’t like and just sticking to the ones you do like.

            I apologize once again for insulting your show, but put yourself in BGP’s shoes right now. If you were here as a producer on Channel Awesome, would you want to be treated the same way? I don’t think you do.

            I just think you can focus on more positive things than directing all your negative energy to something you don’t like. Unlike me, you at least have some balls to make yourself a public figure.

            Just work more on overcoming your speech problems and you’ll be fine.

            Take care.

          • Actually I used to take speech therapy in grade school, I don’t anymore.

            I don’t expect to ever be in their shoes. Even if I were to improve my presentation it would amount to much. Whenever I’ve put legitimate effort into stuff it just goes ignored, I used to get a ton of hate in full spite of me being a nobody. The group who did that on DA generally started leaving me alone after I started ignoring and blocking them, though there is one who was fairly persistent and probably still chomping at the bit at a chance to send me anon hate on tumblr. Joke’s on him though, he doesn’t know I’ve actually re-enabled anon asks recently.

            This was the best posing I’ve ever done in gmod

            And just look, 0 comments, 2 favorites, and 123 views.

            And then look at this PoS:

            2 comments 14 favorites, 764 views.

            My most viewed youtube videos include a simple audioswap, a crappy shaky-cam (due to my poor motor skills) recording of a battle recorder video of a level 1 starly beating a level 100 arceus, a pair of old toplists I put minimal effort into and have even WORSE presentation because I didn’t have a mic and wasn’t using premiere, so instead there were crappy WMM subtitles. This and my first review, which is easily one of my worst, as well as three deleted videos.

            But you know the worst part? That simple audioswap has 1,560,332 views. None of the videos I put any degree of actual effort in come close.

            What’s the point of putting more effort in, if that effort is just going to be ignored?

          • Though it’s not as though I haven’t been improving in certain areas. My gmod pictures are at least looking marginally better because of a few things I’ve picked up on along the way.

          • I will try to work on the presences issue at the least. Honestly I’ve only been doing like one take per audio file, but I usually work with like 20+ audio files per video of varying length…

          • Good to hear, mattwo.

            Just play nice from now on, ok? 🙂

          • I legitimately can’t make any promises.

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