Battle Geek Plus Meets Bas Rutten

After Bas Rutten himself sees our Boss Booten parodies, he invites the BGP crew to hang out. Watch Boss Booten meet Bas Rutten!

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  1. Moviemantweeter1999

    man thats cool that you got to meet him and why wouldnt anybody like boss booten hes frickin awesome plus hes way better and stronger than the wimpy kung kwan todd. who knows what celebrity you guys will meet next if you do then i hope its somebody like mr.t or someone.

  2. Holy crap! Congrats for meeting Bas Rutten! I’ve always been a fan on his Punk Payback series and various TV and movie roles (he was the only reedeeming thing on “Here comes the Boom”).

    Just like how Doug has met Mara Wilson, Dante Basco, and various other celebs, it’s always awesome to see simple fan videos reach out far enough to attract celebrities into becoming fans themselves. 🙂

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