Battle Geek Plus: Skate or Die in REAL LIFE!

Ryan goes off to compete in a skating tournament against the infamous Lester and his cronies. Will he Skate… or Die?

//Taboola Area

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5 Comments on "Battle Geek Plus: Skate or Die in REAL LIFE!"


Game Over for Ryan(too bad!!!!!)I thought you got 6166 points when you were skating down that sidewalk when lester got 7500 but i guess it took away those points cause you lost. as the bully from the simpsons would say HA HA!


Yes, Moviemantweeter, let’s laugh at Ryan’s misfortune!

HA HA! 😛

I wonder how bad Ryan’s concussions were after all that falling and the skateboard falling on his head all those times.

I remember playing this game as a kid and thought it was complete garbage since the controls were impossible and I couldn’t do ANYTHING in this game.

I’d love to see a more in depth Totally Tubular Tim (In fact, Ryan’s dressed up as him without the cap and sunglasses), an Awesome Video Game Memories, or Waxing Pixels on this game and maybe it’s sequel Ski or Die.



Maybe ryan should answer mine and your comment. What do ya think about that good idea?