Battle Geek Plus – The Battle Blog: Amiibo Craze

Ryan rants about the Amiibo Craze. Why are these things so hard to get?!

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One time when a nintendo representative came into my store to perform maintenance on our displays he said that Nintendo intentionally doesn’t release as many of certain characters based on how mainstream they are. Characters like Mario and Samus are easy to find because everybody knows them, even your grandma, who is the one most likely to buy this for you if you’re a kid, but few non-gamers know who Marth is, so even though demand is high among fans like us, Nintendo isn’t sure they’d sell as well to Joe public so they don’t make as many. My theory… Read more »

Little Mac is pretty hard to come by. Unfortunately Punch Out isn’t entirely well known these days either…
By the way you can go ahead and open your Mega Man, there was some sort of hold up in production when they were first released but since then they’ve been showing up everywhere.

What’s really crazy is that stores, (game stop, target etc) have stopped taking pre-orders on the following coming generations! As in, everyone kept waiting to be able to pre-order and it never came. WTF? Isn’t pre-ordering your way of judging what the demand is gonna be? I’d love to collect them all, but I’m not going to pay exuberant eBay prices, and I’m not going to drive myself nuts driving from strore to store trying to hunt these rare ones down (which I’m sure sell as soon as the store opens. Some to fans, most to eBay ppl) It really… Read more »