Battle Geek Plus: The Battletoads Pause Theme Dance-Off

The Battletoads Pause Theme is quite catchy, isn’t it? Watch Ryan show you how awesome it really is!

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  1. Hasn’t AVGN already done the “Battletoads pause button dance”?

    • That’s why this is called a “dance-off”. Battle Geek Plus has been planning to do this episode for a few years now. AVGN inc. sued BGP once they heard that they were going to get youtube subscribers that were directly influenced by the AVGN episode. The court ruled that since AVGN never got permission from the toads to even put it in his video, the “official” Battletoads Pause Button Dance by the AVGN was not officiated. The outcome of the contest has yet to be determined.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    that was one of the dumbest and weirdest things i’ve seen you guys do.

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