Battle of the Sexes and The Mountain Between Us – Midnight Screenings

Brad and Sarah see Battle of the Sexes, and Brad tells Sarah all about The Mountain Between Us.

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  1. I decided to skip Battle of the Sexes since I really don’t like the 70’s. I actually thought The Mountain Between Us was really good. I didn’t know the movie was a romance movie though. I thought they had chemistry in the movie. The acting was fantastic. The story was kind of unique. I could have done without the sex scene though. I agree that the last 30 minutes wasn’t as good and it went on too long.

    • Not to pick apart your viewing choses, but millions of thing happen in any ten year period and there’s no universal agreement about when a decade begins or ends (year zero or year one). So I find it head-stratching that anyone would want to skip anything just because it happens set some time in the 1970s anymore than would skip anything because it’s set in where in China. Never set in 1970s China.

      Battle of the Sexes was a great movie and you don’t have to like tennis to like it. It’s just a genuinely great story very well told. I admit there were a few on the nose moments. Not just the coming off conversation, some of the talk about gender roles in sports too. Though none of it felt forced. It all seemed like exchanges that really would have happen between those people at that time.

  2. For the record: No Billie Jean King was not married to THE Larry King of Larry King Live. At the time I thought so too, but it turns out this Larry King was another tennis player and one of the founders of something called World Team Tennis.
    Sorry disappoint anyone who thought the journalist was that good looking the 1970s, but a rather infamous mugshot following a 1971 grand larceny arrest suggest otherwise.

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