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Just skip it…

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  1. Washed up celebrities fighting each other to the death in Mech-Suits……hell, I would watch that. *gets out her popcorn*

  2. The only thing I can remember about this anime is the art style and the fact I saw it… and thanks to you I now know why I forgot so much about it.

  3. I totally IRL shouted “Whoo!” at the episode’s end. Have been looking forward to more since you reviewed the Christmas episode 😀 (the series has one of the best villain monologues IMO “are you the Hero?”)

  4. Oh my god, Read or Die I can’t wait ^_^

  5. Well I was the kid that liked Crush Gear more then Beyblades.

  6. EVERYYYOOOOONNNEEE!!! Leon: The professional reference. Btw, I noticed Zillion anime. will you be reviewing that as well?

  7. @ 9:57
    I was honestly expecting a Captain Planet clip to follow.

  8. “EVERYONE!” Suddenly, every person on the planet wearing headphones spontaneously combusted.

  9. Looking forward to the ROD review! I recorded the Adult Swim airing years ago, and came across it again earlier this year. Watching it just once was enough to convince me to grab the dvd.

  10. I think the villainous thing is her BUYING higher positions in politics, and when power is bought we all know who buys it.

  11. Is it just me or do the giant mechs in this series remind me of Zoids?

  12. Looks like this throwing stick stunt just boomeranged on us.

  13. The girls are boring and the dub is so horrible
    Gohan did became silly. I never hated Navi
    This is a dumb movie

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