Bear Is Driving – WTFIWWY Live

This week: When “taking it back” goes wrong, a moviegoer gets way too excited to see the Emoji Movie, and a car no dealership will ever be able to sell …

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  1. ( 4:11 ) Was that Yogi Bear ? More intelligent than the average bear for sure !

    ( 10:00 ) Ok, so, from looking at symbols for a bit…
    The left-facing swastika, also called the **sauwastika**, is the ‘Good’ one / The one pointing up is the Nazi version. Right ?

  2. McDonalds doesn’t pay its employees minimum wage anymore, now they pay $15 an hour. Of course they reduced staff and the employees don’t get as many hours to compensate. Though the national minimum wage is still $7.25 some states have raised it higher, I think New York is going to change it to $10 pretty soon. Of course the minimum wage itself is still bullshit, as I mentioned before it causes companies to reduce staff in order to save money, and what we really need is to reduce the national cost of living, not forcing companies to pay their employees more than they can afford.

  3. Germany doesn’t have the first amendment anyway.

    If President Trump made an expression illegal, you would be completely (and justifiably) appalled. The laws used to shut down people you don’t like today are used to shut you down tomorrow.

    • Very true, but as they were pointing out, Germany’s harsh laws against Nazi symbolism, memorabilia and gestures are a response to very recent history that still feels like it happened yesterday to some people, my own German relations included.

      That said, while the German constitution doesn’t have the same format as the US Constitution, it does guarantee freedom of expression so far as it does not threaten or cause any harm. It’s not very well known, but Germany has a very healthy satirical culture and they are not afraid to complain about their gripes against the politics of the day.

  4. ….And now (depending on the federal law of NJ) that man at the Emoiji Movie screening is possibly on the sex offender registry list.

  5. The_all_dolled_up_page

    Patrick Stewart was poop, because he’s the Shit

  6. News flash, bears have been sighted at the DMV, I’m guessing it’s to apply for drivers licenses. First, my picanic basket, and now this!

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