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The alien construct is destroyed, leading to death, transformation, and general unpleasantness all around. Then a bunch of messed up beast-critters show up to make it worse.

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  1. Some courses have theorized that Quickstrike is so violent because of having a cobra and scorpion as his transformation(s) having an affect on his personality. Like how Inferno is fanatically loyal to Megatron because of the fire ant transformation.

  2. I’ve been wondering something. Would it be possible to use only the audio from both Beast Wars and Beast Machines and recreate every episode with current high definition CGI? Don’t get me wrong, the old CG has its charm, though just imagine how awesome it would look.
    And yes I’m well aware it would be a crap ton of work.

  3. LuciusMadgloom

    Honestly you can easily see Waspinator as an inspiration. He constantly gets wrecked & beat up everytime & YET he is still always there ready to fight

  4. These episodes haunted me as a kid. When we bought some of the bigger Beast Wars toys, we were given these 2 episodes on VHS for free. And they were super fun and exactly what we wanted to watch. And then that cliffhanger. Oh, the show was on TV, but we got home from school PRECISELY when it finished airing. It was maddening. It was madness.

  5. Quickstrike and Silverbolt had an identity crisis because of their dual scan. Since they had 2 DNA profiles put in the second one overwrote their identity as maximals, so their personalities defaulted to the nature of the animals they scanned. Quickstrike was made out of a cobra and a scorpion, both species known for their aggression and being solitary, so he came out evil and always up to fight. Silverbolt was made from an eagle and a wolf, animals associated with nobility, and wolves are social creatures known for their loyalty, which is why he couldn’t help but become a good guy.

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