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Two tales of endangered Maximal protoforms in desperate need of saving!

Part 2

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  1. “Not even sure half these guys can read.” – Please, let’s not reference those two Bay-Bots from Revenge of the Fallen.

  2. Snow Leopards??? Dude, they have stripes. And one of them is revealed to be Tigratron. They arre white TIGERS.
    I honestly barely remember this episode, it was typical BW stuff, much ado about not much. Spark was far better.

  3. Good guy Terrorsaur drags Waspinator’s sorry ass home lol

  4. White tigers also happen in nature, although it is far more rare, of course. Or rather, it used to happen, before the overall numbers of bengal tigers hadn’t so drastically dropped in 18th century. The last white tiger ever seen in the wild supposedly was shot in 1958. But yeah, all those white tigers that are currently living are a result of about 200 years of inbreeding.

    The bigger issue with white tigers in this series should be that this supposedly takes place several milion years ago, pretty the tigers hadn’t developed by then. But then again, same could be said about majority of species the characters are based on…

  5. Originally, Tigatron wasn’t supposed to be on the show. His role was supposed to have been filled by the character Wolfang. The producers decided to change him to Tigatron though, because the latter’s toy was just a repainted version of Cheetor’s. Putting Tigatron in the show instead meant that the animators didn’t need to spend time creating a whole new animation model for the character. Maybe Tigatron’s unconventional Arctic home was a holdover from the original Wolfang idea, as it would have made sense for a pack of wolves to live in a snowy environment.

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