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Season One draws to a close as Maximals and Predacons try to figure out what to do when powerful aliens show up to make clear how unhappy they are with Cybertronians screwing with their planet.

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  1. OH GOD I CAN’T WAIT! I watched Beast Wars as a kid and these episodes show why it was such a good kids show. As a kid I wasn’t used to the trope yet, so I was super excited by the next episode, and well the other changes that followed through to the end of the series.

  2. I just broke out laughing when you gave that cancer rant dude. Oh man it was great 😀

  3. Since the Coming of the Fuzors episodes haven’t turned up here yet, I’ll comment here for now since it’s still relevant.

    I’m quite surprised that you’ve not mentioned this little tid-bit given how much else from behind the scenes on Transformers, and in particular Beast Wars; they never actually planned on bringing Optimus Primal back to life. The writers wanted to have a completely new status quo to be established, with Optimus’ death at the conclusion of this story being permanent and a new leader arising in his place. Hasbro, on the other hand, had not told the show runners that they were well into production of this new toy line between seasons 1&2 with transmetals and fuzors, which included a more powerful looking Optimus Primal (despite the fact that the toy itself was much smaller than the first Optimus Primal figure, same with Transmetal Megatron being tiny compared with the original BW Megatron toy). So the writers had to last-minute cobble together an episode based on the premise of reformatted Predacons and Maximals, and took a couple episodes before bringing Primal back because they didn’t have a way of fitting that in with the plans for the first episode.

    For more such examples of “because toys,” this helpful TFWiki article is perfect fodder for jokes:

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