Beauty and the Beast (2017) – One Movie Later

Some Jerk With A Camera digitally reunites with Kyle Kallgren and friends to discuss the movie the critics agree definitely exists, Disney’s 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast!

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  1. You lost me as soon as you went to mansplaining.

  2. Tristan de Negius

    I liked it. Thanks for the video!
    My personel Highlights were:
    11:48: React! It magical!
    18:58: „Deflowered“
    32:02: Coming soon on CBS….
    40.20: Oh wow … WHY???
    43:00: Putin in Disneyland
    And of Course: Bruce Campbell as Gaston. 🙂 – Beauty and the Beast (…and Ash!)

  3. No Tucci!

    Also, Disney met Cocteau. Mind explosivo.

  4. For a movie with singing and dancing, they cast a lot of people who can’t sing or dance. In “Gaston”, there’s some very obvious editing to cover Evans and Gad’s dance doubles. If they’re doing fancy dance steps, you can’t see their faces. If you can see their faces, you can’t see their dancing. For a film with this big of a budget, they couldn’t give them some lessons?

    The signature dance between Belle and the Beast also has some choppy editing which seems to cover that they can’t dance either.

    All of the adaptions starting with the Disneyland stage show in the 1990s make the time the Beast has been cursed fuzzy, so there’s nothing new about that. The rest of the plot holes (Maurice was wandering around all winter? How did Belle get the Beast on the horse? Why didn’t the villagers know about the castle and prince? Why did the sorceress curse the castle staff too?) didn’t really need fixing.

    The problem really boils down to that the original was so perfect any changes make it less so. So either you do a shot-for-shot remake (what’s the point?) or you make it worse (also, what’s the point?).

  5. All this talk about The Enchantress: I can’t help but think of this Asgardian blonde who dresses in green and obsesses over Thor.

    The Beast can teleport now? That’s supposed to be Nightcrawler’s power, not Beast’s. Besides, they didn’t even give him blue fur or have him voiced by Kelsey Grammar.

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