Beds Are Burning – One Hit Wonderland

Presenting the band Midnight Oil, the ’80s rockers who taught us all about Australian social issues. Once.

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  1. Uh-oh. Depressing but the beat is wicked good. I’m not so into political music but I love rock beats. Unfortunately that means that this band would be a skip for me.

  2. I never cared for this one. Todd actually showed some of their other stuff that sounds better. Just my opinion though.

    Great video, Todd.

  3. Until today, I thought it was about the environment rather than racism towards Aborigines. (why hasn’t anyone else taken the hint 29 years later?) Also, the corresponding album is considered BETTER than AC/DC’s Back in Black?! Unbelievable…

    • I always thought it was about social disparity, about giving back the money to the working class, sharing income. Mind you, I’m from South america, so all our political music is about that lol.

  4. I remember watching the Oils at the Easter Show after the Hoodoo Gurus played. Great concert.

  5. jump around House Of Pain

  6. I always loved this song, felt so political and rebellious blasting it in my room. Also, I’m from Brazil and Blue Sky Mine gets a lot of airplay in alt rock/chill song stations (another song that I really liked, but this one I didn’t know it was theirs). I also occasionally heard Forgotten Years playing around here, again didn’t know who made it. I guess Midnight Oil was popular in Brazil!

  7. How about “Songs after the one hit”?

  8. can you review tomorrow by silverchair

  9. Please be gentle as they have been my favourite band consistently since high school but I’d love you to do This Is Pop by XTC. Would like to hear your opinion.

    Mmm, Mmm, Mmm by Crash Test Dummies would be cool too.

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