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  1. I feel that Shatterbrain or as my DVD says the Resurected is a very good adaptation of The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. The movie starts like a tour guide of Providence just like the story. The underground lab and catacombs are so dark the battle with one of the monsters is intentionally confusing where you can not get a good look at the abomination.
    It is all about the mystery and slow burn dread an researching the history to uncover the modern truth. I would of preferred if the movie ended the same way as the story but since Merlin’s clone did battle with the centuries old alchemist and his army of alchemicly engineered super soldiers in the mountains of Carpathia off screen in the story the movie could not do that cop out. Plus having the hero starting the Merlin insta clone process by falling over unconscious and waking up after would not work in what was supposed to be a theatrically released movie.

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