Bible Adventures (NES) – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan talks about his memories of playing Bible Adventures for the NES. Was this game truly a gift from God or was it meant to be thrown in the depths of hell?

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  1. Its a shame you did not start off with Spiritual Warfare. Wisdom Tree games were always a mixed-bag of clone-game* weirdness, but by far, the most enjoyable is Spiritual Warfare. A neat Zelda-like-clone game were you play a nerd who chucks fruits at (demon-possessed) people who seem like normal folks just minding their own business, while also setting-up bombs like a common terrorist, all the while being stalked by an Angel who uses pale little pidgins as a form of currency.

    *I’m not bashing clone-games, as I really like the Zelda-clone Golden Axe Warrior on the SMS, and I quite enjoy all the re-tweaked “retro-clone” D&D books.

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