Bigfoot Season – WTFIWWY Live

This week: being late to the creepy clown party, how cucumbers can actually raise your blood pressure and how make $100,000 disappear using only a forklift …

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  1. For Packaging my Intel-Processor (boxed with cooler) came in a box playing sound when opened. (Same for my Tablet …)

    It seems everything is sold in the “display-packaging” mostly meant to be presented in the shops window (or shelf).

    I remember when you could get processors in “pallet-packaging” (english Tray?) which is just a hard-plastic-frame around the processor, so it wouldn’t be damaged during transport to the packaging facility.
    But it was also sold, mostly to company’s building PC’s so they wouldn’t need to deal with extra packaging, but was also sold on the market.

  2. I’m amazed – the one time somebody actually tries to kill people with a forklift, you manage not to make that reference…

  3. In regards to cellphone providers, I can respond enthusiastically for you.

    I’ve been with O2, using the same number, since I was 14 (I’m now 32).
    There was a point about 2 and a half years back where I got really pissed off because neither O2 nor Apple (given that it was an iphone) would help me, and given how bad my day was going, I decided to not only switch to an Android phone, but also switch to 3 Mobile as a provider.

    It took less than 6 months for me to be pissed off with how useless that piece of crap Android phone was that I went back into my local O2 store to change back to an iphone. At the same time, I wanted to change back to O2. I had to phone up 3 Mobile’s customer services in order to switch the number back (I’d kept my phone number this whole time).


    Their customer service member (surprise surprise… it was an Indian guy with an English name, in the middle of a call center that sounded like I was actually calling India, which I probably was) was the rudest mofo I’ve ever had to deal with… and I’ve done 16 years of retail, 9 of which was as a cashier!
    Contradicting everything I said, insisting everything I was telling him was wrong and flat out refusing to pass the number back until I demanded to speak to a supervisor.

    So yes. I LOVE my mobile phone provider. O2 has NEVER given me problems, and the customer service is top notch compared to any other company I’ve tried to deal with (be it for myself or for family members).

  4. You should know Tara: “Any Hunter worth his salt knows Bigfoot’s not real.” 😛

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