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Shaun returns with a look at a number of recent TV releases.

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  1. I must say on the Digimon Tri I agreed with you on several things: Tamers is best digimon, fridging the Adventer2 characters doesn’t make sense and Izzy and Mimi is the best ship in the show.

    However, and I know I’m kind of alone in this opinion I honestly think Ty’s ache works. I saw it as his character growing away from a simple childish understanding of morality. in the first show he was young enough to see things in black and white. they are the digidestened and are fighting those that are evil so any action taken to stop the evil is good.

    Now he’s older and has likely seen that things are a bit more complex and grey. that understand likely started as him and his friends started to drift apart some like they are the beginning of the movie. there hasn’t been a big fight there or anything and they still like each other so there is no bad guy in this situation, just choices that lead them apart.

    Then the digimon show up and he sees the destruction and that just adds to what he had already been worrying about. He’s old enough now to understand that just because he’s one of the good guys that doesn’t make his choices and actions good. So he questions if he should fight at all. He wants to make the right choice but is not yet grown up enough to know that sometimes you’ll never know what the choice is and that an imperfect decision is better than doing nothing at all.

    This ties in perfectly with a more grown up examination of courage within a more complex world view. keep in mind that all the villains in adventure were E.V.I.L but after that they became more complex and sometimes even redeemable but Ty hasn’t really faced this kind of villain before and it wouldn’t surprise me if we got at least one villain like that here.

    I’m willing to guess that each movie will have one of he kids going through an arch where they come to understand a more mature version of their crest Virtue. My guess is that they are going to do Joe next as they have already shown him struggling to balance competing responsibilities. but it could be Sora or Matt next.

    Maybe I’m just giving the movie makers too much credit but I’m willing to bet that given a movie or two and others will see what i saw in this first one.

  2. In terms of the Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle, World War II and it’s battles and it’s atrocities as a primal force in cinema might pass into as a bygone age in thr nearest future (although I’m very disappointed and saddened that the very first ever first-person shooter video game Wolfenstein was not made into major movie ever or has and still is in development hell) except in Russia because 25 million or more of our people lost their lives 74 to 70 years that’s still very fresh and visceral in our minds and hearts, probably because of state propaganda but also because the few Red Army veterans who are still alive but many of them are very poor and lack pension plans and government veteran’s benefits of welfare since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, so these days President Putin for the past 15 years is trying to correct that.

  3. GenrlContctUnit Arbitrary

    you’re expecting your inbox to get flooded with angry comments about your unwillingness to use japanese character names, but not your assertion that we HAVE to not have another white male doctor

    what world do you live in?

  4. Overall I think and agree that the novelty and overall premise of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle is kind of a pointless anachronism these days.

  5. I don’t watch any of these shows currently. I used to watch Doctor Who but then college made juggling that and all my other shows difficult so I stopped. I liked Rose’s exit. Jessica Jones seems a bit too dark for my sensibilities. Plus, I don’t have Netflix. LOL. I have no interest in The Man in the High Castle. Although, wow, I didn’t hear about the Digimon thing. Now THAT is something that I want to check out.

  6. SO Digimon Tri full on ignores the second show? Well, so much for watching Tri. Now could not care less. Same with the new Dragonball films. Going to wholly ignore GT? Naw, I’m good, you whiners.

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