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The foundation by which an anime company lived… and ultimately failed.

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  1. Fast evolution: it’s called Punctuated Equilibrium. Or Punk Eek for short (no I am not joking). But it will not make vampires and ghosts real.

    • Yeh, biology don’t like shape shifting. So either use some alien blob or some nano-machines.

      PS: If someone like the idea but don’t like execution, he should check Kamen Rider Amazons 2016. Scull Man also is quite cool.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    -3:41 – “They’re creepy and their cooky, mysterious and spooky.”

  3. Awwww poor Suave……. Tragic Backstory… check!

  4. I wish you Did a Pet Shop of Horrors a well There is always the next month

  5. You losing some weight there, Sage? Lookin’ good, man!

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