Black Friday Follies 2017 – WTFIWWY Live

This week: We document the atrocities resulting from this year’s capitalist battle royale. Plus: a flat-earther sets to either prove the world is flat or that flying a steam powered rocket is a bad idea, and in Soviet Russia, bear hunts you!

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  1. Black Friday is making its way around the world because of the Internet.

    Amazon and other Internet store websites have Black Friday sales and they don’t care where in the world you live.

    So the shops in the UK, Japan and elsewhere have caught on and started having sales on that day too.

    • Also, Canada didn’t need the internet for it to catch on here, although that’s largely because we’re neighbours and the retailers around here didn’t want to keep losing revenue due to people travelling down to the States that weekend instead of staying here. Sure, the deals aren’t as good, but the lines aren’t nearly as bad and there are no travel expenses for staying local. We have Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals every year here now too mind you. The same goes for digital services. I’m super stoked that I got the PSN version of the Dishonored Complete Collection for less than $45CAD. Black Friday is madness no matter where you live or what you’re into.

  2. Good grief, Columbia, MO is my hometown! Can’t say I’m entirely surprised someone got shot there, but dang I thought the Mall was in the “nice” part of town!

    Guess things have changed since I moved away a decade ago!

  3. ( 10:12 ) Honestly… this might sound cruel, but they should have left him to launch himself in his rocket. Darwin, man. Just let nature, and someone’s idiocy, do its work.

  4. Just wanted to point out that there are things called Steam.Rockets.
    The were used as a kind of self-propelling-projectile.

  5. Can an American explain to me why it’s so important that Black Friday, the day of mass consumer chaos, comes the day after Thanksgiving, the day of being thankful for what you have? What is the significance there, because I think one kind of defeats the purpose of the other. At least with Canada having Thanksgiving on a different day, we don’t have that dichotomy.

    • To my knowledge (non American), black Friday is a working day between a holiday and a weekend, a day many people will have/take as free.. Such days usually have a higher foottrafic in stores than normal.
      The location before Christmas also makes it a good day for selling, so that’s why it is on this date (notice some other holydays move the weekday they are on around …).

      For what i heard the name comes from trying to get your books into the black numbers. (positive balance) before the books are closed.

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