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Chris Stuckmann reviews Black Panther.

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  1. On one hand, I want to watch the review to see if they did the character justice.

    On the other, I kind of want to wait until I see it myself and form my own opinion.

    • First, I’m glad to see Michael B. Jordan get a good role in a Marvel film, and that he does well in that role. We all know what a travesty Fant-Four-Stick was, and he deserves better. I like to hear that his character is fleshed out, that he’s a human character, and not just a mustache-twirling caricature.

      I’m also glad to hear that it’s not a stereotypical superhero film. That’s a trap I feel some films fall into. To me, Marvel’s best works are ones where they don’t just follow established tropes, but do something a little different. For example, Winter Soldier (which you referenced) is about a lot more than just Cap’s conflict with his brainwashed buddy; it’s about the limits of freedom bumping right next to the limits of personal security, and how those that sacrifice the former to achieve the latter end up with neither. It’s also about friendship, about sacrifice, about the prices those who take up the mantle of hero have to pay.

      Anyway, I can’t wait to see this one. Panther himself is a historically significant character as the first Black superhero in mainstream comics (though not the first African-American, as some mistakenly say, as he isn’t American – it’ll be interesting to see if or how that distinction plays in his conflict with Killmonger).

      All in all, I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  2. I already got my tickets for tomorrow and in 3D. I hope I haven’t gotten too hyped up. That’s what happened with me and The Last Jedi. Judging by the trailers, I really like the unique aesthetic and a character that hasn’t been on the big screen. Up to this point, I’ve only seen Black Panther on those Marvel animated shows. Plus, I usually don’t notice social commentary unless it’s either pointed out to me (The Winter Soldier) or if it’s Supergirl-level (the show) obvious so I don’t think I’ll have a problem with that aspect. I also don’t mind CGI but I’ll see if I notice it. I’m a little worried regarding what you said about the action but again, I’ll see.

    • Well, to be honest most people are under-hyped.. I would not exaggerate if I say that it is strong contender for best movie of this year. Seriously, I don’t see any flaw in that movie!

  3. No more white dude opinions on Black Panther please.

    No more white dude opinions on anything, really.

    • The more I see this guy posts, the more convinced I am that he’s fake. Nobody could really be this full of themselves.

      • The Real Silverstar

        Ditto for Devil’s Advocate and TheSKARD1. The more they post, the more I’m convinced that they’re trolls. I actually kind of hope they are, ’cause if there are human beings walking this Earth who are like that in real life, well, that’s just very, very sad.

        • The Real Silverstar

          Perhaps these guys should team up and take their collective act on the road; they could call their tour LoserPalooza.

          Anyways, I saw Black Panther over the weekend, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I understood every major character’s point of view, including Kilmonger’s, and now more than ever, in today’s political and social climate, I wish Wakanda was a real place.

          • Eee.. do you have memory shortage? The big lesson of this movie what protagonist in it learn is that they don’t shit gold nuggets and are exact same people like rest of the world. It is why he decide to open on the world on the end.

    • So tell my? Why should I care about blatant racist like handsomefatman?

      This movie make great commentary about people like you, you know?

      • That’s the grand paradox of people like HandsomeFatMan. He says that white dudes shouldn’t be allowed to have opinions, but he comes across as just another white dude spouting off his opinion.

        Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find out he’s actually an Alt-Right Trump supporter who only says the things he does in a lame attempt to make real SJWs look bad.

        • How exactly anyone can make SJW look bad if they look bad by default? The joke of it is that anti-SJW make them looking good by how stupid and whinny the opposition is.. also how exactly fight with social issue of social justice warriors is different from what SJW do themselves? The thing is that complaining about non existing SJW agenda in the movies is totally SJW because well.. SJW are those who made up or exaggerate social issues like handsomefatman doing here.

          • There’s no such thing as SJWs. Racists and xenophobes need an imaginary enemy to fight, so they created the term SJW in an attempt to justify their own racism and xenophobia. It’s just like the so-called War on Christmas or the War on Christians and Christianity; it doesn’t exist.

            And of course handsomefatman’s comment is stupid. He’s suggesting that if you’re not black you’re not allowed to enjoy this movie or have an opinion on it, which is absurd to the point of being laughable. hanndsomefatman is an obvious troll, so there’s no reason to listen to anything that he says.

          • “SJW “is just far-right cade for “person I don’t agree with”.

          • Not true. There are real SJWs out there, and you don’t need to be a right-winger to see the kind of people they are. These are people who are constantly looking for fault in anything anyone says, regardless of how innocuous, just so they can make themselves feel better about their own shortcomings. They do exist; I’ve encountered them. And I’m saying that as a political moderate.

            But HFM actually comes off as a caricature even of them. Because at least they try to make an argument about where they’re coming from, even if they are obnoxious about it. But HFM doesn’t even do that.

          • I disagree Goldstar. There is too much known examples like: people blindly protecting sexist Ghostbusters reboot or accusing LA GitS of whitewashing when anyone knowing franchise know that Kusanagi is a cyborg or unknown gender and race as she was made from embryo. That is only recent famous stuff but SJW’ism is way more common. Though I agree that many accusations of SJW agend are made up SJW’ism itself. From hand the New Star Wars movies.

            Anyway, TragicGuineaPig said all what I wanted to say.

          • OK, I’ll partially retract my previous statement. There are indeed some extreme loonies on the left (and on the right also, who tend to be far more vocal with their beliefs, based on my own observation), EX: the rabid base that stated how anyone who disliked or just plain had no interest in seeing the 2016 Ghostbusters film must be a misogynist, but what makes the terminology problematic is that too often people with conservative viewpoints tend to lump *all* people with liberal and progressive viewpoints as Social Justice Warriors. By their judgment, if you so much as point out that racism, racial inequality, sexism or sexual inequality exists in any way, shape or form, you’re automatically labeled an SJW, which is stupid. One isn’t extremist for merely pointing out a fact or making an observation; you’re only an extremist if you show yourself to be completely intolerable of any viewpoint that differs from your own.

          • I would not deny that. But it is the same like with overuse of term “Weeaboo” what originally described a Japanese wannabe (term itself is incompetently egrishized word “wannabee” as a self-reference) so a non-Japanese person who want to be Japanese despite not having any real knowledge about this county (that it has emperor for example) as taking it from escapist high-school anime. This effect also was relatively minuscule even in the 90’s, but obviously you find army of edge-lords treating it as serious thing and calling any one mentioning Japan that way.

            In both cases it say more about them though. So if someone treat SJW as real major movement instead bunch of self-righteous hippies on YouTube, then you know that he is a idiot.

          • In my mind, the “SJW” is basically the leftist equivalent of the Alt-Right. They’re full of themselves and want to express their opinions in the most obnoxious way possible.

            To me, the person who simply expresses an opinion in support of social justice issues is NOT an SJW.

            The person who calls me a flaming misogynist for not particularly liking the new Ghostbusters – that’s an SJW.

            SJWs and alt-right are pretty much cut from the same cloth: they’re people who psychologically need to feel they are better than other people, and so look for ways to make others look terrible. It’s not really about social justice; it’s about ego.

    • I got to wonder what HFM has to say about Malcolm and Tamara (Black dude and a white girl) and what they have to say about Panther? Because what Malcolm is saying is exactly what I had hoped to see from a film about a milestone character like Tchalla. It sounds to me like they respected the character and what he represents very well, but also raised some challenges for us the audience to think about.

      It is sad to me that people like HFM are so high strung that they actually try to make people who appreciate the film out to be assholes.

      And even if the movie had been terrible – and I’m glad to hear that it’s not – then telling people they have no right to an opinion about it wasn’t going to make it better.

      Bottom line: the character deserved a great film, and by all accounts that’s what he got. We don’t need people like HFM ruining it for the rest of us.

    • It’s also entirely possible that HFM is a genuine SJW, one so obsessive that he actually got frustrated that no one actually dislikes Black Panther. And so, since he couldn’t start a real fight, he just baited for someone to start one for him.

  4. The Real Silverstar

    “Eee.. do you have memory shortage?”

    No, I don’t have ‘memory shortage’. I’m not a robot.

    “The big lesson of this movie what protagonist in it learn is that they don’t shit gold nuggets and are exact same people like rest of the world. It is why he decide to open on the world on the end.”

    Um yeah, I got the message of the film, but that doesn’t mean that the other characters didn’t make valid points. That’s why the writing of this movie was so good; even the viewpoints that were flawed, you could still see where they were coming from. And last time I checked, I’m still allowed to wish that was really a country boasting superior technology to the rest of the world and full of people who look like me. Seriously, relax a little.

    • Ok, then. Just for reminder. Contrary to popular believes white people rarely cough people from shore. In fact they usually were just traders who bought local good including the slaves (what obviously doesn’t justify them, but outside the States owning a slaves was in fact uncommon) as slavery was back then common in Africa before white even arrive (in fact quite usual for early cultures like for example in ancient times and early medieval there was huge number of white slaves in Europe).

      Point is that black and white people aren’t that different and so called Afro-American tend to have victim complex justifying own personal racism and bias with the stereotypes. This movie tackled that, though I could argue now that it could be slightly more transparent. But in the end it is really good movie. My point is that we should be careful what we wish because more advanced also fall if they have stupid politic and racism definitely is stupid. Look for ancient China for example.

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