Blazing Saddles – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara never saw Blazing Saddles, have you?

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  1. While I say Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is still the best Gene Wilder film, his performance in this is even better.

    RIP Gene Wilder.

    • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Charlie was the version with Johnny Depp), but yeah. I agree.

      • The book that both movies were based on was titled Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The author was Raold Dahl. I believe that reason why the first film put Willy Wonka’s name in the title was because Gene Wilder was the biggest name in the movie.

        • Snorgatch Pandalume

          Actually, it was because the Vietnam War was going on and American soldiers called the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese “Charlie.” Studio executives were afraid that Americans who watched the war on the news every night would be less inclined to go to the movie if the name “Charlie” was in the title.

  2. Tamara did you ever seen Porky’s?

  3. Really? Never seen this one? It’s like saying you’ve never seen The Princess Bride!

    (Please tell me you’ve seen The Princess Bride!)

  4. One of the things that stands out if you notice it is that there’s no indication Hedley Lamarr is a racist. He’s just in it for the money. His plan is to use the racism of the townspeople to further his plans, but how he feels about it is never brought up. He never uses the “N” word and only ever refers to Bart as The Sheriff.

    It’s very subtle that the showdown is just good guy vs. bad guy.

    • What makes him such a villain is that he is perfectly willing to use race to divide people, and he’s okay with hiring klansmen, robbers, and all manner of scumbag to make himself richer.

  5. The Movie Explorer

    For more Madeline Kahn, there’s always the other Mel Brooks movies she appeared in: High Anxiety and History of the World Part 1. Neither is as good as what you’ve already seen, but High Anxiety is worth it just for the period San Francisco location footage. You might want to brush up on your Alfred Hitchcock first. I recommend Vertigo and The Birds for starters.

    What’s Up Doc, Paper Moon and Clue are other highlights of her career. Avoid Slapstick of Another Kind like the plague, though.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      Vertigo, The Birds, Psycho, and North By Northwest. High Anxiety also has Cloris Leachman as Nurse Diesel, reuniting Leachman and Kahn three years after Young Frankenstein. And you forgot to mention The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother, which starred Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, and Marty Feldman, and was written and directed by Wilder.
      RIP Madeline. You left us way too soon. 🙁

  6. I’ve never seen Blazing Saddles either.

  7. assuming you haven’t seen them, watch Clue or Aliens next

  8. Corey46’s posting needs to be edited.

    The grammar is incorrect.

    The posting should be: “Tamara have you ever seen Porky’s?”

  9. Instead of watching the Evil Dead remake, you should just watch the proper sequel “Ash vs. Evil Dead”.

  10. I love your energy and silliness, and yes Blazing Saddles is very clever and funny!

    Mungo is played by a former Football star Alex Karras, who had something of an acting career. He went on to play the dad on 80’s sitcom Webster.

    Also, Madeline Khan is awesome, she is mainly known for comedic roles.

  11. What else is Madeline Kahn in? Well, like a lot of the people here, you should see “Clue.” If you haven’t seen it yet. It’s a great, funny, HILARIOUS, movie. And Kahn stars alongside some of the comedy greats:Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull, and Michael McKean among others.

    • Madeline Kahn was also in Mel Brooks’ High Anxiety and History of the World, Part One (and no, there was never meant to be a Part Two. The teaser trailer at the end was meant to be a joke. Mel Brooks doesn’t make sequels to his movies). Madeline Khan was also in the movie What’s Up Doc? (not a Mel Brooks film).

  12. I recently re-watched Blazing Saddles after having seen it only once, 20 years ago. It holds up soooo well!

  13. Following the end of this video, I think you will enjoy Hellzapoppin’ (a 1941 movie).

  14. Have you seen another Mel Brooks classic The Producers? It’s good too.

  15. I put my vote in for Clue as well. It’s amazing how a movie based on a board game came out so damn well and funny. Oscar (1991) is also an amusing movie.

  16. Black lives matter? Really? You’re literally supporting a terrorist organization? Really?

  17. Why do we American citizen white people make more fun of ourselves than any other race on planet Earth?

  18. Russians and Ashkenazim Jews are Caucasian White people and they don’t make fun of their own race so much, in fact my people rightfully proud of their race or to be more PC ethnicity, probably not enough to ridicule and criticize ourselves in our own respective countries like Israel and the Russian Federation to make satirical, farcical comedy movies that mostly shows us as really flawed human beings.

  19. Thanks for this review Tamara!

    If you love Madeline Khan & want to see more of her genius, might I recommend the 1985 movie CLUE, an ingenious movie based on the board game. It’s another cult classic movie & has such a PHENOMENAL cast that includes Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull & the LEGENDARY Tim Curry!

    The epitome of the “murder mystery in a spooky hoise during a thunderstorm” movie, it’s one of the funniest movies EVER.

    Khan plays “Mrs. White,” a black widow-type of character. In this clip, “Col. Mustard” tries to deflect suspicion by accusing Khan as a known killer:

    Please watch it. It’s one if my FAVORITE movies ever!

  20. Another movie that also has Madeleine Kahn in it, also a Mel Brooks title, is “History of the World, Part One”…

  21. If you love this and Gene Wilder then you have to see his films with Richard Pryor such as See no evil, hear no evil which is hilarious, #1 and stir crazy. But the one to watch if you have not seen it is The Life of Brian by the Monty Python team, super hilarious #2

  22. People keep saying you should watch Clue… the trouble with doing that is, if you watch that you then have to watch Murder By Death. You can’t do just one of them.

    (P.S.: They’re both hil– very funny.)

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