Bleach Retrospective – Weekly Manga Recap

In the end, the most important question about Bleach is finally answered: is it actually worth reading?

Bleach Retrospective – 4:47

Black Clover c. 75 – 1:31:12

Fairy Tail c. 499 – 1:34:16

Food Wars c. 180 – 1:38:18

My Hero Academia c. 104 – 1:40:48

One Piece c. 837 – 1:45:38

The Promised Neverland c. 4 – 1:49:50

Toriko c. 384 – 1:52:56

World Trigger c. 155 – 1:54:26

Weekly MVPs – 1:57:47

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  1. you didnt cover the most awsoem move ever the gourmet spank im dissapointed

  2. I think Ishida was actually supposed to be the last living Quincy, but Kubo forgot/changed his mind/stopped caring and messed things up. If the other Quincy are ghosts/undead, their age is believable, and there are plenty of conceivable reasons for Yhwach to need the last living Quincy on his side, even if he doesn’t trust him.

  3. Holy shit. I don’t watch in two years and Chris got so skinny. Good on you, buddy! ^ ^

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