Bleach’s Final Chapter – Weekly Manga Recap

Apparently shippers didn’t learn their lesson after Naruto.

Bleach c. 686 [Final Chapter] – 6:16

Black Clover c. 74 – 52:37

Fairy Tail c. 498 – 1:03:41

Food Wars c. 179 – 1:15:13

Love Rush c. 1 – 1:30:47

My Hero Academia c. 103 – 1:32:08

One Piece c. 836 – 1:44:14

The Promised Neverland c. 3 – 1:52:03

Toriko c. 383 – 1:56:02

World Trigger c. 154 – 2:01:28

Weekly MVPs – 2:13:35

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  1. Congrats this’ll be the last time you have to complain about “BLEACH”. Next up “Fairy Tail”!

  2. >Bitching with Tekking
    HA! I KNEW YOU WERE AN ICHIRUKI! Get wrecked you bunch of /a/ babies! Oh boo hoo the girl who matches Shonen tropes got the end game instead of the girl who was only pushed in the anime, which is what YOU LAZY IDIOTS WATCHED AND THEN SWITCHED OVER WHEN FILLER STARTED! Eat a dick, Orihime is a good character, stop trying to push American ideals on Japanese comics, you’re shit tier otaku. Read the manga asshole.

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