Blistered Reviews #37: GotY 2014

At last it can be revealed: Shaun’s pick for the best game of 2014.

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10/10 needless to say i strongly disagree, i found the game to (at best) be a 5 maybe 6/10 I took everything that was great about Dragon Age Origins and Awekening and said pfffttt what where we thinking out the window with that, nobody wants to play that. Example remember that Temple in Dragon Age origins the one during the Winterfang quest, The Deep Road expedition in search of Branka or what about the Theig you visited in the Awekening. The story of those places the atmosphere, the sense of magnitude about what happened there. What i wouldn´t give for… Read more »

Now if BioWare will only get the chance to make KOTOR 3. Who knows, now that Disney has pretty much hit the reset button.