Blistered Reviews #37: GotY 2014

At last it can be revealed: Shaun’s pick for the best game of 2014.

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  1. 10/10 needless to say i strongly disagree, i found the game to (at best) be a 5 maybe 6/10
    I took everything that was great about Dragon Age Origins and Awekening and said pfffttt what where we thinking out the window with that, nobody wants to play that.

    Example remember that Temple in Dragon Age origins the one during the Winterfang quest, The Deep Road expedition in search of Branka or what about the Theig you visited in the Awekening.
    The story of those places the atmosphere, the sense of magnitude about what happened there.

    What i wouldn´t give for having just a few of such places in Dragon Age Inquisition, but NOPE not a single one.
    Ohh this Mansion had some scary things happening in it and it´s still haunted uhhh scary uhhh.
    You mean the few notes and the carbon copy undead i have already been slaughtering legions off in the swamps?.
    Yeah wake me up when it gets interesting.
    The Mansion you visited in Dragon age 2 during Sebastians quest or when you re-visits Bartrand mansion in arc 3 was scarier then that place and had more of a pay off.
    The best haunted house was still the abandoned Orphanage in the alienage in Dragon Age Origins.
    The blood on the floor the sound of children laughing and crying the ghosts you knew something bad had happened here and something was still here.

    Sure there are different areas now, but they feel lifeless and not in the good way.
    So i can collect these different pieces that apparently open doors..okay or you can collect mosaic pieces which do what exactly or how about the Astrariums why should i care whether or not i solve them or not?

    No where in the game am i ever given a reason for this, they just come across as fun things you can do if you really want to.

    I mentioned the Deep Roads before I freaking LOVE the deep roads in Dragon Age origins so much story was bound into that area, the more you explored the more you found out on just how big the area once was and how much the dwarfs had lost.

    Same with the Dark Wolf scenario you where given a reason why you robbed from those nobles.

    Dragon Age Origins took its time and like a fine wine, it rewarded those who took their time to go through with it.

    Dragon Age Inquisition felt rushed like they wanted to hurry you through the area and not pay attention the the fact that alot of the game wasn´t even finished.

    You know what challenge accepted, i here by state that Bioware didn´t even try here with Dragon Age Inquisition.
    Instead they simply just shat out another carbon copy of Skyrim with none of the charm and grase Dragon Age Origins had.

    5/10 if you are up for some single player MMO try this one, but if you want to try a great RPG that took all the great things about old school rpgs like Baldurs Gate and other such things, play Dragon Age Origins.

  2. Now if BioWare will only get the chance to make KOTOR 3. Who knows, now that Disney has pretty much hit the reset button.

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