Blistered Reviews #39: The Order: 1886

Does this new release play as amazing as it looks?

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  1. Aw man, and I was really looking forward to this too. I heard it was short but I was hoping the story was worth it…I’ll wait until it goes on sale. :/

  2. I keep waiting and waiting for a game title to come out for the PS4 that warrants me buying a new system. I was hoping the order was that title. sadly, another dud. so disappointing.

  3. Gosh darnit Shaun! This review really disappointed me. Not the actual video of course, as always it was well-presented, properly thought out and excellently argued. When I purchased this game yesterday, I did feel a bit of buyer’s remorse, since for some reason the PSN price was not much lower than the disc I could have bought. I can only feel happy that I don’t have a disc. Ah well, I’ll play it anyway, since at least I can enjoy the aesthetics. I might even stream it so that others can watch my play through and judge it themselves, I’ll see.

  4. were you making fun of it by constantly calling it “1866”?

  5. This game could make a very nice steampunk mystery/horror game, or at least it’s assets would. If it ever comes out for PC, I would love to see a modding team take this trainwreck and turn it into a Victorian horror title.

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