Blistered Reviews #42: Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae

Shaun digs into this little slice of the next mainline Final Fantasy title.

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  1. Wow, this game looks like it takes place in Germany … because it’s a real sausage fest! Seriously, where are the women? Those who aren’t NPCs, that is. I guess the writers were afraid that sexual tension would somehow ruin the story. Perhaps they were afraid of making another character like the overly-optimistic Vanille? Or maybe Lightning’s 854 outfits in Lightning Returns presented enough female power to tip the gender balance within the Final Fantasy franchise, and so the creators of FF15 are trying to tip the balance back? Or maybe I’m grasping at straws trying to rationalize the lack of playable women?

    Next week is Jem and Holograms? Uff. Good luck not going insane, Shaun.

    • 1. The original director of FF15 Tetsuya Nomura wanted the game to be about bonding male friends over a roadtrip.

      2. FF13 already focused on female characters (Lightning as the MC, Fang is Ragnorok, Serah as a main driving force in the 13 day flashbacks). Plus the subseries like XIII-2 had Serah and Noel share the limelight, while LR-FF13 put a central focus on Lightning.

      3. There are probably going to be temporary playable female characters in the game later on. Much like how KH’s Disney worlds allow you to play with an extra character whenever you land on said world.

      • To shawn and all who cry foul on the game for what the director said. Who gives a damn?! Seriously. Sure, condemn the game for going for a road trip feel with 4 guys. Not like that happens in Real life….. OH WAIT it does. Me and my friends act the same way when we go on road trips and most guys act differently and not quite themselves around other of the opposite gender, most of the time cause they feel they gotta act differently due to a social difference or a FORCED social difference created by certain people involved in the industry.

        Look at the state of gaming. Anita Sarkeesian and the rest of her ilk make it EXTREMELY dangerous to speak as a public figure in gaming. The facts are if you do treat women as equals you get HATE from Anita and her ilk for not making the females SUPERIOR to the males, and if you DON’t include a female character as playable they will lambaste you. And GOD Forbid even if you do make them superior they will turn your game against you and try to make you into a boogieman.

        Bayonetta is the best example, SHE IS ABOVE ALL MEN, She doesn’t give a damn about pleasing nobody. She was turned into a, to quote Anita, “Fighting Fuck Toy” . WHAT!!!?? Bayonetta is one of MANY Female protagonists who have agency over their state of being. She is not Peach. Samus gets thrown under the bus for god forbid having one sexy outfit from a spinoff comic in smash. Funny how they ignore all the times that she was a badass………..

        Screw the Feminazis. Not Feminists. Feminists are actually level headed and want things to occur correctly. Feminazis force their system on you and manipulate the media by being a ‘professional victim’ begging for their knight in shining armor to come save them, very ironic that they take up the ‘Damsel in distress’ trope as their flag when its most convenient to them and lambaste it when it doesn’t benefit them……..

        • Fashion Victim Feminists. Do I need to explain that? They all went to the same classes and read the same books, have suspiciously similar lived experience and sexual obsessions and have adopted the same woman-child uniform of hipster glasses, bad tats, fluorescent dye jobs, trendy consignment shop wardrobes and completely unjustified air of superiority and the belief that their being offended by something should actually mean something to me. -_-

        • I’m less a critic of feminism in theory and in larger spheres. Mostly what interests me is how it cashes in in the online world when a group of people identifying themselves as feminists enter communities, begin insulting the membership, issuing demands and letting loose draconian lock-down measures to enforce compliance and being positively ruthless, even psychopathic when it comes to silencing any and all criticism.
          It’s stupid. It’s obvious. People react badly to Fashion Victim Academic feminism not because it’s shaken up anyone’s world, or challenged any assumption, it’s because those sort of feminists have betrayed everyone’s best intentions.
          Pointing out these distinction is almost entirely pointless though. It’s irrelevant to the game these people are playing, where rather than respond to actual criticism, rather than have a discussion these Fashion Victim Feminists pretend they are harassed and under attack and use underhanded, manipulative tactics to misrepresent and silence other opinions. 😛

        • I think foundation documents of historical feminism should be required reading. Mary Wollstonecraft’s “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” is an eminently sensible document and it’s a shame that she has has been relegated to a caped crusader by pop Feminists who seem have rejected the obligations of a rational education for the cheap and easy feel-badism of picking through reruns of Dharma and Greg for evidence of patriarchy.
          By most measures my positions could be considered well within the scope of Second Wave Feminism that sought to redress social and legal inequality faced by women. I believe in the social and moral equality of men and women. Although the “equality” I believe in is the equality of opportunity, not what carpetbaggers in online communities are selling, which is forced equality in outcome for them whenever they want it and despite what little effort they may have made in achieving that outcome. :/

        • What critics, like me, are responding to isn’t the body of historical Feminism, but the fringe end product that came out of academia and went mainstream with lies, bogus statistics, men-are-the-problem propaganda that doesn’t even pretend, for the most part, to be having a discussion and, as we have seen on Twitter and universities, has engaged in a wide-spread, coordinated effort to silence any and all criticism through shaming tactics and vilification.
          The truth is, for all the times the word “misogynist” has been thrown around, for less and less justification, almost no one opposing this dishonest, cliquish form of online feminism of convenience can be said to said to have a pathological hatred of women. Distrust, maybe, and only of the sort of women who fly this banner, but that’s just what happens when people learn from experience.

        • In the same way, most of the people, like me, described as “anti-feminist” are only “anti-feminist” in the same way that someone would claim that any one who opposes a single dot and tiddle of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam is against Civil Rights for black people. No one, absolutely no one, is against the gains of historical feminism up to an including much of what was achieved under Second Wave feminism. No one, least of all me, wants to disenfranchise women, treat women as property, or deny women the right to property, keep women barefoot and pregnant, or any of the myriad bullshit that is implied.
          What most people like me object to isn’t equality for women, but the cynical bait-and-switch practiced by Fashion Victim Feminists and the perverse sexual obsessions of confused 20-something hipster chicks and the fat old broads who lead them and, God dammit, the lying. It’s the demented Third Wave victim Feminism that treats rights and responsibilities as a Chinese takeout where women, or whatever self-identified aggrieved group, gets to pick everything from column A rights and continue to pawn off that column B responsibilities on men.

        • Hell, I’m all for shaking up gender norms, but only where it’s fair an equitable. Men should not be expected to fulfill a cherry-picked laundry list of traditional male obligations while, at the same time, having new and mostly vague and harmful demands placed on them while gaining absolutely nothing in the process.
          Most men, and non-fashion feminist women, for that matter, don’t want to go back to traditional gender norms. They’re pissed off by them. And they are pissed off that this sort of facile, pop culture Feminism, in a completely underhanded way, actually enforces them. Although these sort of Fashion Victim Feminist love to portray those who support Men’s Rights as some sort of back-sliding trogs who are against equity. Rather, the underlying complaint of Men’s Rights isn’t against fairness or equality, they’re just wondering when men benefit from it too. Men’s Rights is the radical notion that Men are human beings and a “real man” isn’t defined by what he can do for women, and especially not what he can do for hateful and ungrateful mercenary online Fashion Victim Feminists.

        • What’s more, I’m particularly class conscious, something white, middle-class educated, white collar fashionable feminists don’t want to talk about. I’m the son of a landscaper from Ireland and a prison correction counselor. One of my uncles works as a prison guard, another uncle works as a cop. Most men are just scraping by, so they can’t just hand over the awesome power of the Male Hegemony because they don’t have it. And those poor and working class men, to these privileged, entitled Feminists are either seen as rapists and/or catcallers or are just plain invisible, pisses me off no end.
          Really, pay attention to the way these political gold-diggers treat poor and working class men, and men of color, as either something to be scrapped off their expensive shoes, or pawns to be used to convince the men with perceived power, the only men they actually see, to give them what they want.

        • This isn’t about women. It’s not even, for the most part, about supporting or reversing the historical gains of Women’s Rights It’s about a particular, narrowly focused ideology seeking a free pass for it’s membership, enforces rigid group think and severely punishes anything but reflexive appeasement to its ever shifting and often incoherent and contradictory demands.
          And it’s from these folks that we get, in response to any and all criticism, that the critic is “anti-women” or a “misogynist” or some variation of the threat narrative whereby they win arguments by default because they felt personally threatened by being exposed to facts and common sense and unapproved lived experience. Not only is it a stupid, obvious manipulative game, but it basically proves every sexist stereotype about women being irrational and emotional. But again, fortunately, it’s not all women, but some women, and the conceit that they adopt that they are spokespersons for a gender doesn’t change that. All political ideologies pull that stupid move. Which is why the most narrowly focused, grievance politics driven single issue Tea Party douchebag thinks he’s the only “Real American”.
          Why in fuck’s name do I have to explain this?

    • The fact of the matter is that many hateful women love feminism because feminism presents a reward for their histrionic narcissism. If you need to feel superior to half of the human race based on a biological coin flip because you don’t have anything genuinely good about yourself to be proud of, I believe that feminism is totally good for you. If you enjoy having to work less hard for more goodies, well yeah, feminism is good to you. If you want men to be a caste of sniveling servile Uncle Toms who will treat you with respect that your sorry ass does not deserve, a ideology and totalizing dogmatic system that tells them that they have to respect women, especially hateful cunts, or be ostracized and shit-pelted into exile is going to be awesome.

    • I’m just going to point out that of all 12 of the previous games in the series (Not counting 11 and 14 ’cause they’re MMOs or sequels because they tend to recycle characters) 9 (10 if you count the DS remake of 3) of them have had female party members of varying quantity and quality, so the lack of female party members doesn’t necessarily bother me. Also Hajima Tabata (The game’s director) has stated in interviews (Source: that female guest characters (That is to temporary party members) may make an appearance. Even if their are no female party memebers assuming that the original parallels in the original trailer for this (Back when it was XII Versus) to Romeo and Juliet are still present there may very well be female characters who are just as developed as the core party members. This is more a case “The games not done guys!” and less a “We were too lazy to include them!” like it was with AC: Unity.

  2. Well…as an old Final fantasy game fan(and I mean NES games old) I find this game a disappointment so far,final fantasy 12(followed by the laughable failed excuse of a game called ffXIII) was the first FF game I’ve never completed,simply because the game-play was a mmo wannabe ripoff that reminded me more of Lineage than a Final fantasy game and that’s is why this game is also gonna stay out of my library of games.
    I played FF games because they were a turn based rpg series with a good story,and over the years I’ve seen it mutate into a lame eye-candy weak storied game with filled with 100% uninteresting characters
    and the new game so far seems to follow the same fail recipe intended to lure in the new generation of no brain “gamers” (the same “gamers” that made app freemium games a monetary success)…that’s why instead of interesting characters we now have a boy-band…on a road trip?…or whatever…anyway that’s the words of an old type gamer that was raised with the Gems of the rpg genre and is now dismayed to see the horrible degradation the genre has suffered,and most of all the FF games…once the some of the best Turn based rpg games out there now a monstrosity supported by people that just don’t know any better because they simple were raised with sub-par eye-candies with 0 story in them whatsoever….anyway
    sorry for the long ranting post…
    R.I.P FF series

    • 1. Your so called “turn based” stopped being tradtional after FF3. FF4-6 was ATB, FF7-9 were advanced ATB, FF10 was conditional turn based, FF11 & FF14 were MMO, FF12 was offline MMO, and FF13 was action oriented turn base. FF15 being an action game isn’t hard to imagine nor bad

      2. Not all the past games were good. Hell, only 4 of them (FF4, FF6, FF7 and FF9) would be considered good with FF10 and FF13 being decent. FF1 has been surpassed by every FF save for 2, 3, and 14. FF2 and FF3 were PoS. FF5 was way too lackluster, FF8 is mediocre (and WAY worse storytelling than FF12 or FF13), FF11 is just MMO tier, and FF12 is lackluster. Finally, FF14 was a disaster.

      3. You are way too over exaggerating with the new generation of “No Brain Gamers”. Especially since FF13 sold like 6.2 million copies and then FF13-2 sold 3.1 million with people knowing full well what they got themselves into. LR was only able to sell a lackluster 1.4 million due to bad critic and user scores, but by then it was far too late. I doubt those millions of people who bought them the first and second time were all “new generation” nor “no brain gamers” as you stated.

      4. I can promise you that FF15’s action combat is not something that is subpar. Nor was FF13’s combat. And this is coming from someone who was born in the very early 90’s that wound up playing all the pre-7 era before going into the Golden Age and then the newer age. Might was to relook at some of that awful combat back in the day (FF2 and FF3? FF5? FF8?)

      • OK where to begin,
        1. yes the ATB system is simply another way for the turn base system to become more action packed ,the characters still need to wait for their action bars to fill and that still gives them a turn base system feel,it still gives you the time to consider the strategy that you are gonna follow and in most cases you can choose to have the game ATB pause every time you are considering the next command you are going to give so in all fairness you just change the name and tweak it a bit,but in it’s core it is still a turn base battle system.(also I never counted FF11&FF14 as ff games since we are supposed to talk about offline games or at least that’s what I consider an FF game)
        Also FF13 was a one button mash combat system 90% of the time and you got to only “control”(and I when I say control I mean simply the game allowing you to press the X button when the timer was up..and don’t try to back it up by saying it is not necessary to follow the auto-command since it was almost always the most efficient way to attack with the exception of the boss fights).
        2.Actually the past games were good,you just fail to see the simple fact that FF1/2/3/5 were back in the Nes/Snes times and back then all was experimentation,today people know what we want so this is not an excuse any more.
        I will give you that FF8 was not that good a game story-wise but the battle system overal game-play and yes even the graphics and music were top notch for their time.

        3.did you notice something on the statistics you provided? each time the amount of people that bought the catastrophe that FF13 was(and its sequels)got halved and I’ll tell you why,the first time around it was people like myself that bought the game,because I as well as many other old ff fans was fooled into thinking it was a good game by the trailers and that it was going back to its roots with run base(ot ATB if u insist)…and what did we get? a corridor simulator with poor storytelling ,unintresting characters that were cheap copies of older ff game characters, no world map to explore,and many more that made this game Bad.
        also Final fantasy VIII (or 8) shipped 8.15 million copies and as you even said it was not even that good…and it sold almost 2 million more copies than 13.
        now then the fact that every other FF-13 sequel game got half the sales of the previews one was not due to bad publicity but due to the fact that the old school ff(and new gamers that got reeled in by the hype) fans got wind of how bad ff13 was and lost faith in the franchise the 3.1 million people that got FFXIII-2 were either hardcore fans that just had to give Squarenix(or collectors that simply had to have em all) another chance or the “no brain new generation gamer” that actually liked the graphics and actually thought this was a good game because they did not know any better.
        and finally Lightning returns was a complete bust, as it should have been since Toriyama just had to put his “waifu” into another game…and he didn’t even bother to hide it when he made the game a dress simulator bad as final fantasy X-2 if not worse.we all know that the majority of the people that bought that game played it with no pants on and most likely using only one hand.(not all just the majority)

        4.Dude I don’t know much and the same goes to you about FF 15(and the fact that you are promising me something about a game you haven’t ever played…well it says a lot.) but I do know that it’s combat will once again be a “you only get to control one person+ deal with it” failure.
        controlling only one person is not something new and certainly not what old school ff fans want(at least not the ones that have the same mindset as me)if I wanted to play a RPG with active battle gameplay then there are tons out there that have done it for ages and done it better.the “Tales of” series for instance.
        Also if FF13’s was not sub-par fighting system then I’m afraid you don’t know what a good,pressing auto-battle and switching paradimes is NOT a fun way to engage in battle..and what liitle fun this system might have had was drained out by the fact that you only control one person in a fight.(plus there is good reason that FF13 battle system is made fun by almost every decent reviewer out there)
        also the Eidolons/summons are 100% useless and are overwhelmingly under-powered to the point that summoning them was actually a good way (if not the only way) to loose a fight.
        and no FF8 had a great fighting system with the only slight exception being the magic drain but even that could be turned into an advantage if someone had a good mind and patience (also FF2/FF3 and 5 had almost the exact same gameplay as 1 and 4 so no you can’t call the battle system in those “bad” without saying the same about 1 and 4)

  3. Let me explain the whole. “feel weird if there was a person of another gender in the group.” Yes this is a very closed off view, and as a woman I WOULD have been appalled, IF I didn’t know that this game came from Japan. Let me explain. Japan is under a crisis right now. They are unaware of the state of things outside their country, and inside their country, there is a decline of male female relationships. Men and women are constantly working with the social threat of success above their head. It gets to the point that if you don’t succeed you are trash there. And because of that pressure no one is allowed to have a life outside of work. Some men don’t even know how to talk to women and even become total recluses due to overstrain at work. That’s why Dating sims are a thing there. It’s fulfilling people’s deepest wishes for unconditional love without the consequences of working too much so their spouse leaves them. Which brings us to this game. To a hardworking man like Namura. A all guy group WOULD be more comfortable to HIM. Simply due to the fact that, he most likely doesn’t know what women are like in real life. If you look at Kingdom Hearts and how he writes women in there, though he improved IMMENSELY with characters like Aqua, Larxene, and Namine. His first attempt at a female character was…lackluster. Kairi. Not to say Kairi is bad, it’s just clear that Namura didn’t know what to do with her at first. Yeah, she had an attitude, but she does nothing with it. most of the game she was in a nonresponsive state. Now that Namura knows what to do with her he has FINALLY given her a role outside of kidnapped or gone most the game. But doing so after, what, SEVEN GAMES, is ridiculous. The point is. It’s hard for a man who spent most of his time working with fellow male game developers to relate to women. And unfortunately most of japan works in similar conditions away from the opposite sex and pressured into achieving something in this office environment closed off. Cause the inability to do so would be…well disastrous. Getting fired is the same as losing your life. Sometimes the offices will send fired employees strait to a psychiatric facility JUST to be sure they WON’T commit suicide, because the office WAS their only meaning in life. Get it? We praise Japan for its amazing feats but in order to achieve these feats they had to give up their social life. Now there are people who have lives outside work, but again, these aren’t the kind of people who work on games. And do manual labor, instead of what is considered “successful” by societies standards. And what’s worse is that in Japan there is an expectation for you never to leave the country. English teachers are scoffed at because they’re teaching a language that will only ever be used when dealing with foreign contribute to THEIR country rather than leaving to visit ours. They are closed off, sheltered and unaware of how we’ve evolved socially. So while one thing MIGHT be a social truth in Japan, that doesn’t mean it’s a social truth here. So there you go, there is my lengthy explanation on why the creators of this game created an all male group. IF YOU READ THE WHOLE THING, I APPRECIATE IT! THANK YOU!

    • If that is true then it´s even more pathetic then just a simple game. The country, the society of Japan is freaking pathetic and idiotic if they really are doing this to there workers. I mean I should have figured considering how hard they work with there anime´s. But this is just to much. No one needs them to work as hard as they have. It´s just absurd. Idiotic, moronic in every sense of the word. I don´t care what succes they get with the game. To have those pile to build the sucess on. It´s not worth it.

    • You have a lot of good points, UchaNakome. I was actually already aware of this after seeing a Youtube video explaining the whole “dating sims” issue in Japan. The video narrator said, “It isn’t fair and it isn’t right, but it is the truth of what’s going on in Japan right now.” Hench I shouldn’t have been wondering so much as to why there are no playable female characters (which I did above). I just figured that the FF series has a good track record of memorable characters both male and female, so it’d be a no-brainer for FF15 to have a diverse roster. But I have to remember that it’s not someone like Toriyama in the director’s chair for this one.

  4. Female character discussions are a persistent matter of discussion in games. But I don’t think it’s as interchangeable as some might think. I mean either way trying to make a high budget product with either a feminine looking man or a tough looking woman is really hard to sell.

    On one hand the audience perception is still mostly superficial, especially with something that isn’t out yet. An on the other end, the creator needs to play smart on how he/she wants to portray said character, I mean if I could give Kojima the benefit of doubt, maybe Quiet has a reason for the way she dresses.

    I think my stance in the discussion is really a wait and see approach since IMO there’s not a well put definition of what female empowerment is. At the very least in games. I mean has there been ever a game where you play as a female that isn’t in the ideal proportions spectrum of character design? A female protagonist with a love interest? Lastly how many aren’t just analogs for male archetypes?

    With that said I think the knee jerk reactions are getting childish. Critics are valid but full on meltdowns on every flaw in depiction of females is just whiny.

    But oh well, I suppose Nintendo is the one who at least has put their female characters in more spotlight in the last years. Though yeah, I suppose gamers will like more a female characters who also has deeper character traits.

  5. Gameplay: yeah needs work on the lock on.

    Graphics: Obvious statement is obvious

    Story: Wasn’t expecting one in a demo.

    Characters: This is where you get so much wrong:

    1. FF13 already had major focus on female characters (Lightning as MC, Fang as Ragnorok, Serah as indirect main character in flashbacks). Subseries games like FF13-2 used both Serah and Noel as the limelight characters while LR-FF13 had Lighting as the central focus. Hell, subseries game FF10-2 had an all female party and nobody complained about that. So your argument really doesn’t stand.

    2. There will be others that will be temporary playable characters. For example, Cor is the 5th member who will be a temporary character. Plus there is the possibility that either Stella or the black haired girl from the E3 2013 trailer would be a temporary character. Just like in Kingdom Hearts, you get the one member that will join your group and allow you to change them out.

    3. This is suppose to be a bro-road trip. Like just 4 dudes hanging out. Let us let this idea fruition.


    Shaun, this is the Final Fantasy series we are talking about. Let us recall that both MALE and FEMALE characters are both subjected to this. Remember in FF7 where Cloud had to bathe with strong muscular men while naked? Or he had to crossdress to get into Don Cornello’s place? Or how Sephiroth was completely naked from the waist up while stuck in crystalized mako or in the final battle (with huge muscles and biceps)? How about in FF9 where Kuja looks like a scantly clad male stripper? Or how about in FF10 where Jecht who is missing most of his clothing with a muscular build? Or the huge V necks showing off Seymour’s front body? How about FF12 were Vaan is literally wearing nothing but a small vest and shorts while looking very feminine? Hell, FF14 ARR allows for joke very exposed armor as a choice for male and female characters alike?

    Yes female character do get that (Tifa’s white tank top and big breasts, Beatrix’s exposed cleavage, Lulu’s goth belt fetish outfit, Lighting Farron’s LR closet with optional practical armor and sexy outfits), but it’s all no different from the male point of view as well.

    I say let Cidney’s design go as long as it’s not impractical as all shit like Quiet’s design in MGS5. Hell, it helps spice up the dull look alike outfits that Stella and Luna have.

  6. You know, this must be the most sexist game in the FF series… in the most subtle of ways.

    1. YES, a male-only group isn’t bad in itself. Sure, the characters may be bland and vanilla, but that’s because of the writing, not of the same-sex group.
    2. YES, women with releaving clothing isn’t bad in itself.
    3. YES, wanting to focus on same-sex bromance instead of different-sex (?) friendship/romance isn’t bad in itself.
    4. YES, female characters being damsels or side characters isn’t bad in itself.

    But add all that in a SINGLE story, along with the new trailers doing nothing to further show Stella/Luna/whatever her name is, whose antagonism with Noctis was the thing that was first presented in this game AND the lack of female characters in the story in general and yes, this is sexist.

    FFX-2 being an all-female group can be incomparable to this, since it was a spin-off/sequel in a supposedly finished story. FFX didn’t need any continuation, that was just a cash-grab. Well, more so than other games… This has become a FF core game. Its position is more central than FFX-2. AND it’s a game that has created high amounts of hype because of its long production. It’s a constant tease that has attracted a lot of attention.

    But let’s talk about FFXIII. YES, it was a female-core game with Lightning being the MC, Serah being critical to the plot and then having her own game, Fang and Vanille being key characters to the plot, etc.

    However, even so, there were THREE male playable characters with their own stories and arcs and dinstinct personalities. Whether they were likable or not is irrelevant; again, this is because of the writing, not because of their sex. What was important was that there were bonds of friendship formed between male and female characters without having them being romantic (ex. Serah and Noel) and it didn’t feel UNNATURAL, only badly-written.

    What I’m saying is that FFXIII treated its male characters far better than FFXV seems to have decided to treat its female ones.

    This shows how much sexism still exist in the video game industry. One series of three games (FFXIII, FFXIII-2, FFXIII-Lightning Returns) or five, if you count FFVI and FFX-2 having females as central in a loooong line of games with male characters dominating the central roles and people have decided that it was too much and that having this game being like this is totally justifiable.

    HOWEVER, and this is the crucial part, I believe, the thing that has caused the most reaction is the director’s comments and his reasoning behind this decision.

    “The game is all male to make it more approachable to players”

    The implications of this line are very… well, sexist. Let’s call a spade a spade.
    “Females make a story unapproachable”, “we believe that our fanbase is primarily guys who cannot empathise with female characters, because females are weird and mysterious and not-people”, “we ignore our many, MANY female fans who can AND have empathised with male characters in the past” and this leads to “male in the default, the one all can relate to, while females are unapproachable”.

    The idea that “men act differently around women” sounds like one of the most anachronistic things to say and again its implications are too unfortunate. The only reason why men would change their behaviour around women is that said men are sexist douchebags period and they know that they’ll suffer consequences if they act like this around women.

    My god, I hope I’m 100% wrong with all of this. I hope I’m “an old man screaming at cloud”. I hope I’m paranoid. I WANT to be wrong about all the above.

    I hope Stella/Luna’s change into looking more like a child isn’t a way of thinking leaking. I hope Stella/Luna’s antagonism with Noctis remains central, because yes, this is what sparked people’s interest back when all we had of this game was a video with only music and subs and “A meeting pre-destined by the divine” being the only thing that we knew about the story.

    But the more of the game is presented, the more hope I lose.

  7. Well. it is a demo, so, it can be changed… I mean they work on this project since 2011, so if they took another year or two they can fix all the other problems everyone has mention on the game. But it does look good, so who knows? maybe they will surprise us! 😀 I will remind positive about this game until proven otherwise~

  8. “having all 4 members of the party be male will make them seem more natural” Insert 5000 fan comics of party members belching loudly or farting openly on deviantart and various gaming webcomics. Bring it on internet, you know you want to! I’m looking at you ctrl+alt+del!

  9. Oh wow, boo hoo.
    A game with four playable *male* characters.
    Look kid, we already had Final Fantasy X-2 where all the characters where female.
    So why is it so bad in these days to have all male character party?

    I’m sorry to break your little delusions about sexism and misogyny in gaming as it seems to be a big thing to accuse games of such nonsense but all boys story does have a different atmosphere than inclusion of one girl. Yes, girls and boys can get along just fine all natural but the atmosphere is still different. Same thing goes for all girls group.

    I’m also sorry to point it out but girls do tend to behave different than boys.
    They might have same hobbies, same likes and dislikes and same characteristics but both parties still tends to behave different.

    Also if it’s in a story that these guys know each other and likes to travel together.
    Why the must of inclusion of a girl? I really hate to use this phrase but apparently it’s just cool thing to find sexism and misogyny in places where you are not even supposed to care about such things.
    I bet you’d be just fine and dandy if all the characters were girls, right? Double standards. Those lovely, lovely double standards.

    Why would you even bring such unimportant aspect to a review?
    Sure, you are welcome to have your opinions and pretend to be on “right side” of the gaming community but seriously, fuck you man… I don’t play games to face political correctness or real life issues. I play games to forget all that crap for five damn minutes and have fun in a world that’s not earth and see what it’s issues and politics are alike.

    Games are worlds that are not our own.
    Those worlds have their own rules and values and they are made for us to explore and have impact on with our actions and decisions.

  10. …yeah I am not going to touch this game. I do not like the mentality of this guy, what “natural” social interaction cannot be achieved with women. I mean that is quite an unpleasant thing to say.

  11. They shouldn’t have named all the male leads Nancy; it gets confusing.

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